In what way did democracy expand during the Age of Jackson?

and how successful was it?i'm super confused and i have to write a 3 paragraph essay on this (5 would be better) so if you could just give me some notes that would be great.i dont want anyone to think that they are doing my homework for me. i just need some facts and such.

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  1. quangle says:

    Jackson was from The West (as then defined) and from the Scotch Irish Ascendancy, an area and group that had not been represented in the Founding Fathers and who often felt much aggrieved by the Eastern Seaboard groups that had held power before his election.His reception at his first inauguration was considered scandalous when his uncouth supporters overran the White House. His dislike for the Bank, and its dissolution in favor of depositing federal funds in “pet banks,” usually state chartered banks that were founded to make credit easier to the plantations and businesses west of the Appalachians, convinced the “hard money” Easterners that he would be the ruin of the hard won credit of the United States.For additional points, see: