Who wants to play a word game? Highest score wins.?

Here are the rules: From the list below, make as many COMPLETE sentences as you can using these words from letters/numbers, Or any others you can think of. Sentences have to be 2 words or longer. :)For example: i12ez. letter by letter this reads: "I won too easy." How many sentences can you make? How Many Other Words Can You Make? One with the most points wins.2 points for finding new words. *Finding 3 or more letters/numbers in a word: 10 points*1 point per word in each sentence (2 or more words per sentence)*Finding words with numbers involved (B4=Before) is 10 points*A=AB=BeB=BeeC=See F=If I=I R=AreS=IsU=YouY=WhyB4=BeforeBD=BeadyBN=Bein'CL=SealCN=Seein'DL=DealEL=EelEZ=EasyIC=IcyIL-I'llJL=JailK9=CanineL8=LateNV=EnvyOK=OkOD=O.D.OT=OatyPJ=P.JPL=PealQT=CutieSA=EssayTL=TealUL=You'll1=Won2=Too2=To4=For8=Ate2L=Tool4N=Foreign4RE=?6S=Success

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