My bf is in the army and i think he is cheating because he works long hrs and says he has to write essays?

It seems like you doubt his stories. I don't blame you. They seem a little far-fetched, but then again who knows? The military does a lot of strange things in order to maintain focus and discipline.My advice is to take what he says at face value. In other words; treat it as the truth until you have a some facts that say otherwise. Until then, don't allow yourself to have a lot of expectations from this relationship. Treat it as a fling ~ something exciting at the moment, but nothing you're ever going to build a life on. The Army is always on the move, and he'll be shipping out before you know it.

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5 Responses to “My bf is in the army and i think he is cheating because he works long hrs and says he has to write essays?”

  1. clavering says:

    Perhaps more detail for me to decide if he’s cheating but if this helps, my sister’s boyfriend was in the army and cheated on her…Not sure when but I think when he went to other countries.

  2. reluctance says:

    If you feel that way, break it off and go have some fun of your own. Good luck.

  3. dialysers says:

    Mmmm…last I knew (but I’m ancient, so …) if you were in the armed forces and having things like panic attacks to the point that you collapse…you aren’t exactly KEPT in the Army.

  4. preapprise says:

    If you don’t trust him then get out of the relationship. Second, if his behavior has changed, then that is a red flag. Without trust you have nothing.

  5. overfrighted says:

    As an ex Airforce Officer here, your bow has filled you full of bull. You best get on with your life and drop that poor liar.