Are final thoughts linguistic devices?

i have to write a english essay on a poem, and part of it picking out linguistic devices and how these affect the reader. I have picked out emotive language and analysed that to my best, however, the poem doesnt seem to include anymore, no metaphors, similies, anaphora or nothing! however, i was googling differant linguistic devices to see if i had forgotten one when i came across one i havent studied in class called final thought. and wen looking at my poem it uses this and i could write alot about it so i am wondering is it really a linguistic device and should i use it?

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  1. aggrievedness says:

    If the source you found is a credible site, then I think you can go with this.Just in case your teacher doesn’t agree, you can introduce this section by saying:(New paragraph)Besides the use of emotive language, NameOfPoem affects the reader with the use of an additional linguistic device.(<– transition sentence) According to the University of Vermont’s “Analyzing Poetry” website (print the citation here, or according to your assigned format), “final thoughts” also constitute a linguistic device. This poem has a rich final thought that complements its emotive language. The final thought in NameOfPoem affects the reader in (two / three / several) ways. (<– thesis statement for this section))(new paragraph)One way the final thought affects the reader is that it …..(new paragraph)Another way the final thought has an effect on the reader is ….