Is it really suspicious that I keep getting full marks?

Is it really suspicious that I keep getting full marks?I'd say I'm a clever person, but I don't get like straight A* all the time or anything. Recently however, I got full marks in my maths mock exam, I got full marks in my geography test, I got the highest mark for a piece of Spanish writing (it was like an essay), I got nearly full marks in my Chemistry amd according to my Physics teacher my answers are 'mark scheme perfect' for when we do past paper questions. Does this look/sound suspicious? Because I don't cheat or get help on my work, and I don't usually receive such high results! I don't want teachers or my peers to think that I cheat or anything! & I don't want to deliberately do badly. Any advice? Oh and I'm not trying to brag or anything hahah, I just want some advice because to some people it may seem a little dodgy (my teachers haven't said anything though) :)

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  1. triceria says:

    Nah, just roll with it! You’re doing your best, and you deserve those marks. Your peers’ opinions don’t matter, and if your teachers suspect anything, then you can just be honest with them. It’s not like clever students don’t exist! You don’t need to start purposely under-performing or compensating. You’re doing nothing wrong and you should be proud that you’re legitimately getting these marks.If you can, it might just be worth mentioning something to one of your teachers. Are they easy to talk to? They could understand if you just briefly say that you’re concerned whether it looks like you’re not genuinely earning these marks. There’s not much more you could do. Hopefully you won’t get called out on it, but if you ever do, it’s a fact that you haven’t cheated. Congrats on being so clever btw ;)