I am a student that is writing a persuasive essay on why people should become vegetarians. please help(:?

i am doing a persuasive essay on why more people should become vegetarians. do you have any ideas on reasons. i am a vegetarian too so yeah. some ideas i have are endangered species and animals have feelings too. can you give ideas even on the ones i have stated. Thanks(:

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  1. jinxed says:

    Endangered species and animal feelings as well are great reasons.- You might also say for the ease of your own conscience.- Animal rights for all (similar to human rights lol idk)- That we are all living things (again human rights and whatnot), humans shouldn’t have the right to kill just because we’re capable or whatever.Think of controversies in our own human race and solutions people have come up with.

  2. fountainless says:

    I’m also a vegetarian.You can write about how humans are animals too… They’re just “superior” to the others. You could question people about how they would like it if someone killed and ate them or their family/friends. They wouldn’t be too happy. It’s also healthy, in a way. Meat has a lot of fat. It’s not like you’ll get no protein if you don’t eat meat. There’s protein in other things. Use subsitute meats, tofu. Good luck with your essay.

  3. trypanosomatosis says:

    Do some research on Seventh Day Adventists. See [external link] . They run hospitals and have done extensive research on vegetarian diets.You might also look at the effect on different diets on the planet. There are several sites that will give you the math on how many more resources (including carbon load to the atmosphere) have to be used to produce meat, as opposed to vegetables. Example: [external link] … I eat meat, but at least I know the facts.

  4. glumpier says:

    search ‘peta’ up on youtube It’s a become vegetarian group thing .Also maybe you shoudld atlk abotu how some fast food resturants (mcdonalds, kfc) killl the animals they serve. It’s pretty discusting.

  5. monogene says:

    You want to tell the reader that if they just want to become vegetarian for kicks, they probably won’t stick with it for long — not because it’s hard, but because any lifestyle change or habit change requires a little bit of motivation. You need to first make the reader think about why they would even want to consider becoming a vegetarian, and really believe in it. The rest is easy.Also, you should give the reader some tips on HOW to become vegetarian, because a lot of people like the idea, they just don’t know how to get started. So in your essay, tell the reader to do things like read up on vegetarianism. An important thing for me to do was to look up vegetarian recipes. By doing this I had found out that becoming vegetarian would not only be easy to do, but you find that you still have fun things to eat that not only were good for you but damn tasty too. You could recommend them, that if they want to go veg, they should do it gradually. First, to cut off the things they eat the least. Like, if they don’t eat much chicken, or turkey, to start cutting off that. Then pork, then cow etc etc…Tell your reader to have fun with their new lifestyle! Don’t make becoming a vegetarian be a restrictive, ordeal. If you feel like you’re depriving yourself, you won’t last long. Why? Because people don’t like restrictions and if they feel restricted they will try to escape and be free. But if you feel like you’re doing something good for yourself and the environment, and trying out some great-tasting food, you’ll stick with it for much longer.Inform the reader WHAT they are doing to the environment if they go veg, and the changes they might see in their own bodies if they go veg. Avoiding meat is one of the best and simplest ways to cut down your fat consumption. Modern farm animals are deliberately fattened up to increase profits. Eating fatty meat increases your chances of having a heart attack or developing cancer. Also, don’t be afraid to scare the sh** out of your reader, and your teacher ;) In your essay include FACTS on what the meat industry does to your meat. Watching videos and read articles regarding the meat industry and what exactly they are doing to the meat people consume will give you better ideas on what to write. There are millions of cases of food poisoning recorded every year. The vast majority are caused by eating meat. ‘Meat’ can include the tail, head, feet, rectum and spinal cord of an animal. Make the reader question himself. Does he really want to eat the spinal cord of a chicken? pig or cow? A sausage can contain ground up intestines. How can anyone be sure that the intestines are empty when they are ground up? Do you really want to eat the content of a pig’s intestines? How does he or she know they are safe from eating these things? The following diseases are commoner among meat eaters: anaemia, appendicitis, arthritis, breast cancer, cancer of the colon, cancer of the prostrate, constipation, diabetes, gallstones, gout, high blood pressure, indigestion, obesity, piles, strokes and varicose veins. Lifelong vegetarians visit hospital 22% less often than meat eaters and for shorter stays. Vegetarians have a 20% lower blood cholestrol level than meat eaters and this reduces heart attack and cancer risks considerably. So, these are reasons why being pro veg will help their lives. People are greedy and the more things they find out to help themselves, the more they will do them. Another good thing to put into your essay so the reader will feel is …guilt :) You stir up emotions and that is exactly what you want in a persuasive essay. Every day, tens of millions of one-day-old male chicks are killed because they will not be able to lay eggs. There are no rules about how this mass slaughter takes place. Some are crushed or suffocated to death. Many are used for fertilizer or fed to other animals. Animals who die for your dinner table die alone, in terror, in sadness and in pain. The killing is merciless and inhumane. Half the rainforests in the world have been destroyed to clear ground to graze cattle to make beefburgers. The burning of the forests contributes 20% of all green-house gases. Think about the animals living in those forests…they die too because they have no shelter. Millions of people each year die of starvation. Lives could be saved because those people could eat grain used to fatten cattle and other farm animals – if Americans ate 10% less meat. Farmers who don’t use tranquilizers, well those animals animals suffer from pain and fear just as much as you do. How would you like to spend your last hours locked in a truck, packed into a cage with hundreds of other terrified animal and then cruelly pushed into a blood soaked death chamber. Anyone who eats meat condones and supports the way animals are treated. Some farmers use tranquillizers to keep animals calm.Other routinely use antibiotics to starve off infection. And cool, at least the animal is “calm”. If you eat meat, you are consuming tranquilizers, hormones and other crap that were fed to the animals. Ask the reader DO YOU REALLY WANNA RISK YOUR BODY!?!?!? :)

  6. cornicing says:

    sodium and salt contents in meat can cause high cholestoral and heart problems in older age.. and when bacon is a staple in your diet it can cause problems even erlier, especially when adding in all of an individuals other unhealthy habbits… Also, bigs are one of the smartest animals on earth.. why are we eating intelligent life?Cows are pumped full of steroids etc… even milk has content limits on the amount of some of the stuff they use in cows because it is actually harmful to humans.. causing early developent and possible health problems. Chickens are kept in unsanitary conditions, literally walking a thin fence over their fieces before being processed for us to eat..sometimes cows are kept intentionally in cages so they cant move and are force fed.. so that more stuff can be processed from their bodies…… there are endless reasons.. mostly that being vegetarian is ealthier for you…If anyone says ‘well we need protein’ you can get more than enough of that from eggs and peanut butter and peanutsthe alternative to cow milk is Soy or Almond… in my opinion Almond milk tastes better than any other milk and it reduces stress and increases you metabolism, its been proven!

  7. equitemporaneous says:

    “The meat industry is] one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global.” – The United NationsAnd for fun:1. It might be the only thing you’ll ever have in common with Paul McCartney, Vanessa Williams, Elle MacPherson, Carrie Underwood, and Noah Wylie.2. You find another vegetarian at a party? Instant friend!3. You can drive past a truck filled with animals and feel no personal guilt. 4. Clearer skin, less cellulite, better health, weight loss, longer life… but who really cares about all of that?5. Now you can wear the t-shirt you’ve always wanted that says, “I was a vegetarian before it was cool.6. Swine flu, e.Coli, and salmonella no longer seem so scary.7. Yes, God did say we could eat meat, but they killed animals humanely back then.8. You can save moolah by not eating things that moo.9. Protein is overrated. (More info)10. People feed you more at cookouts! You know.. to make up for all of the nutrients you must be missing by skipping on the hamburger.11. You’ll discover a host of new ways to confuse and astound your waiter at dinner.12. You can come up with your own clever remarks to the constant question, “So , then, what do you EAT?”13. You always wanted to be “different.”14. The looks on your friends and families faces when you break the news are PRICELESS.15. You eat, then you poop. Not much waiting.

  8. chills says:

    Although I am not a vegetarian I would like to be one, and I feel your cause. I am doing persuasive essays in school too here’s a graphic organizer. TOPIC: MY STAND: (make sure to include who reads this ex. I am for this essay. I suggest that my classmates read this essay). ______________________________________…REASON 1: (DETAILS)______________________________________…REASON 2: (DETAILS)______________________________________…REASON 3: (DETAILS)______________________________________…CONCLUSION;CHALLENGE YOUR READERS TO TAKE ACTION: