Writer’s Block on an introduction..?

For homework tonight, I have to write an introduction to an essay about Odysseus (from Homer's, The Odyssey) being a hero. Im having major problems thinking of the first sentence, and it shouldn't even be this difficult! Pleasee helppp!My thesis statement is, "While Odysseus has his problems, he's still a hero."

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  1. changeability says:

    I would start with something like “All heroes have their problems. What’s Superman without kryptonite? (blah blah blah), but Odysseus proves that though everyone has their problems you can rise above them, and still be a hero.” at least thats how i would do it. but i don’t tend to follow the rules on introductions, or any essays, so be careful.

  2. recuperates says:

    What is a hero? By definition a hero is a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities, and also who shows great courage. While many men in literature have had this title bestowed apon them undeservingly; Oddyseus in Homer’s The oddysey is a man who braved many a perilous ordeal to earn the title of hero. this is all i can come up with, you can use it or draw inspiration from it or whatnot. it doesnt matter to me. lol.

  3. Purbeckian says:

    Put that in that or describe what he did, but don’t tell who it was who did it and say ‘well who did these things?’ ‘Odysseus did’ Try do make it something that might draw the teacher/students in.