When is the best time to replace desktop computer?

I have a Dell Inspiron 530 for about 5 years and was working fine/okay until last year. Computer began to hella slow down, laggy, and just shitty as fck. I don't even play computer games or anything that will eventually slow down the computer. Honestly, the computer wasn't used to watch disturbing/provacative videos or images (you'll probably get the hint...) or anything that will be detrimental to the desktop. All I've used it was for youtube, hw, microsoft office, movies, and such. It really pisses me off how slow and crappy it is. I've heard that Dell creates one of the crappiest desktops ever on the industry right now and the performance is poor. So I'm thinking about replacing the computer with upgrades or physically buy a brand new desktop. I even replaced to a new router after having it for 5 years too. I can't even do my hw online cuz it's so gay and shitty... Please help me out. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I've heard that Asus, MSI, Lenovo, Samsung are much better computer brands then Dell and HP craps... Thank you so much, Sorry about an essay lol

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  1. newtake says:

    Someone I know is very knowledgeable (unlike me) on computers, and he reckons HP desktops are very good.

  2. stilling says:

    Dell is still the best PC on the market. Asus, Msi, Lenovo and Samsung can’t hold a candle to Dell.Trying to trash talk a computer that is FIVE YEARS OLD? Come on….There are a lot of things that could be causing your computer to ‘suddenly’ get slow. — Check it for spyware, malware, virus’, worms, etc. — First and foremost, you need to defrag it. — How full is your hard drive? Movies, videos, and music fill up a HD quickly. Move them to an external drive to free up space– Are you talking about internet speed sluggishness or just regular speed for the PC? Big difference in what your options are for getting speed. Clean up your Temp files, check your ISPs speed, etc– your hard drive also may be about to crash– sometimes there is so much crap on a HD that reformatting and starting over with a fresh Windows install is necessarySometimes it’s just the end of the PCs life. After 5yrs, computers sometimes just start gasping for breath. The list is endless.