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Question 41 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)[06.04]On a potential energy diagram for the following processes, which of the following has a decrease in entropy?meltingfreezingboilingsublimationQuestion 42 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)[05.08]When dissolved in 1000 g of water, which chemical compound will produce a solution with the greatest freezing point depression?5.0 g of sodium chloride (NaCl)9.2 g of potassium chloride (KCl)11 g of calcium fluoride (CaF2)20 g of glucose (C6H12O6)Question 43 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)[06.03] 15.0g of an unknown substance is heated from 25.0°C to 34.0°C. If 60.6 J of energy is absorbed, identify the unknown substance using the specific heat.A chart with two columns and ten rows. The first column's header is Substance. The second column's header is Specific Heat J divided by (g times degrees Celsius). First row: Substance—Lead; Specific Heat—0.129. Second Row: Substance—Tin; Specific Heat—0.21. Third row: Substance—Silver; Specific Heat—0.235. Fourth row: Substance—Iron; Specific Heat—0.449. Fifth row: Substance—Calcium; Specific Heat—0.647. Sixth row: Substance—Granite; Specific Heat—0.803. Seventh row: Substance—Aluminum; Specific Heat—0.897. Eighth row: Substance—Magnesium; Specific Heat—1.023. Ninth row: Substance—Water; Specific Heat—4.18.aluminumironsilverleadQuestion 44 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)[06.02]When sulfuric acid is poured on sugar the volume expands, it turns black and gets very hot. Which of the following best describes this reaction?endothermicexothermicdecompositionsynthesisQuestion 45 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)[05.03]If 1.20 moles of an ideal gas occupy a volume of 18.2 L at a pressure of 1.80 atm, what is the temperature of the gas, in degrees Celsius?-125°C59.5°C273°C332°CQuestion 46 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)[05.06]In a body of water, the surface tension caused by the attraction between water molecules is strong. Which of the following is a consequence of this property?Water is considered to be a universal solvent.When water freezes, the molecules move farther apart.Only a limited amount of solute can be dissolved in a sample of water.Objects with a higher density than water can be observed floating on water.Question 47 (Multiple Choice Worth 2 points)[08.05]Which of the following describes a double bond between two carbon atoms?A double bond will produce four single bonds to form a tetrahedral shape.A double bond between carbon atoms will eventually form a ring of carbons.A double bond between carbon atoms is longer than a triple bond between carbon atoms.A double bond will quickly reduce to single bonds to create three-dimensional tetrahedrals.Question 48 (Essay Worth 2 points)[05.02]Describe what happens to the particles of a liquid, in terms of movement and kinetic energy, as it is heated to its boiling point, including whether this is a physical or chemical change.Question 49 (Essay Worth 3 points)[05.04]How many liters of fluorine gas can react with 32.0 grams of sodium metal at standard temperature and pressure? Show all of the work used to find your answer.2Na + F2 yields 2NaFQuestion 50 (Essay Worth 3 points)[05.07 HC]A laboratory experiment requires 4.8 L of a 2.5 M solution of sulfuric acid (H2SO4), but the only available H2SO4 is a 6.0 M stock solution. How could you prepare the solution needed for the lab experiment? Show all the work used to find your answer.

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