Should I let my 10 year old son get a cell phone if he works for it?

He has been asking me for a while now.He even wrote a persuasive essay to get one.He's sick right now and I feel sort of bad 4 him. THANKS!

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12 Responses to “Should I let my 10 year old son get a cell phone if he works for it?”

  1. superlie says:

    I’m sorry. I just don’t see that a 10 year old needs a cell phone. However, if you do get him one, get a pay as you go. It will limit the possible damages from overuse and the need to buy minutes will give him tangible goals to work towards.

  2. carousals says:

    Completely that way if he is in trouble or something he can always get a hold for you remember he has to work for it don’t just give it to him without anything ! I hope I helped! :)

  3. unprofited says:

    ya, theres no harm!

  4. slubbery says:

    I would say so, as long as its not a contract one, and he understands the risk of losing it, or even having it stolen from him. Cheap and cheerful one should do. And remember, set a top up limit, so understands that texting and calling aren’t cheap.

  5. iodhydrate says:

    Yes. You should get him one. These days everyone should have a cell phone in my opinion, because these days everything and everywhere are so dangerous. Everyone should have a cell phone. Report Abuse

  6. newsstand says:

    A 10 year old with a phone? OH GOODNESS! In my day we had to walk uphill BOTH WAYS to use the payphone!Ok, all joking aside… why does a 10 year old need a phone? I can see that there are situations where it may be a good idea but for the most part, it’s really not.Is the child alone a lot? Do they travel frequently to and from school/activities? Do you need to have access to them on a regular basis? Does he take care of things? Is he a good kid that you trust with a phone? If so, a phone might be a good ideaIf you do decide to get him a phone, ensure that you’ve done a few things to protect him/yourself:- Educate about proper use (when is it suitable to talk on the phone and how to use the phone)- Educate him about short codes and premium services (those “joke of the day” things you see on TV – they generally charge anywhere from 50 cents to 8 dollars PER MESSAGE even if you don’t read the messages)- Decide about prepaid (that way spending can be controlled) or a monthly service (generally you will have more access to what he is doing with the phone on a monthly service)- Talk to your phone company for a few things (1) block up everything you don’t want him to have access to (Internet, long distance calling, texting, picture messages — all common things people use to increase their bill that can be blocked) (2) Ask if there is a way to put a credit limit on the account – a lot of companies offer the service that your bill cannot go over a specific amount (eg: $200) or the phone gets shut off. That can ensure that he doesn’t go crazy with the phone and you’ll be alerted long before the bill arrives.-DO NOT GET HIM AN IPHONE! Get him a basic model phone, he doesn’t need the iPhone (despite what his friends are saying) unless you want him to have unlimited access to the Internet (and pay for a data package). A child + unlimited Internet = up to no good (it’s a porn porn porn filled day).One thing you can do is find a cheap used phone (for a test run) and do not sign an agreement with a company (go prepaid) and see how he handles the new responsibility. If things go well then you can look into getting him a better phone/plan (would be a good birthday/christmas/end of school present)

  7. feds says:

    he doesnt need one right now. unless hes never home.

  8. cowan says:

    I see no need for a child that age to have a cell phone.

  9. skeet says:

    im 16 years old and i dont have a cell phone…i dont really see the need for him at this age. but if you wanted to give him one I would probably get it for his birthday if you do get him one.

  10. hypertensive says:

    well yes, look at the bright side- you will be able to use the phone to contact him when he is at a friends house or somewhere.

  11. ronaldl says:

    Yeah sure why not. I mean if he works for it and proves he is ready for one then why not? You should get him one of those prepaid ones though so he doesn’t go way over his minutes…

  12. reyga's says:

    Yeah you should.They can also call for emergency purposes,if anything is wrong.