Is this a good essay?

i think it's not because they might that i just copy paste the whole essay reportplease help me to improve it more.....Religious Cults Cults are everywhere. Some are popular and widely accepted. Others are secretly hidden and isolated from examination at great expense. Cults are actually growing and Flourishing. Some cause great suffering while others appear very helpful and beneficial. No matter what group it is, it was believe that all who created cults such as KKK will be punished when the Lord comes to claim his own. Religious cults, is a symbol of religious worship or ritual. It has a new teaching that is often considers traditional religious systems to open the complete truth. Religious cults are often lead by an individual leader that control the group’s teachings and practices. Some religious cults are control over their members though fear and threatening lose of salvation if they leave the group. It was believe that religious cults are spreading like an epidemic to those people who doesn’t have a religion to worship. For example, recently in United states, some white people became neo-nazis and was manipulated by many cult leaders. They joined the cult because some of them were being abused by people at schools and they don’t have anywhere to go. People join cults so that they could satisfy their various needs. For an example, people could join this cult because they could have a weak personality, suffered an emotional trauma, and some has questions that this cult can answer. Nevertheless, the cult can give them approval, acceptance, purpose, and a sense of belonging. The cult is also appealing for some reasons. It could be moral purity, financial security, promises of redemption, higher consciousness, or a host of other rewards. People who are vulnerable to become cult members are everyone. A member can be a rich, poor, educated, non-educated, old, young, previously atheistic, etc. This people are supposed to be vulnerable because they want to find a new enlightenment and to find a new belief(some people doesn’t being contented at only one belief). But specifically, people who are really vulnerable to joining a cult is those who are disenchanted with conventional religious establishments, intellectually confused over religious and philosophical issues, has a need for encouragement and support, emotional needful, needs a sense of purpose, and many more reasons that are very detailed. Religious cults leaders needs a lot of members to sustain their group, so they have a lot of typical recruitment methods used. For an example, "love bombing" meaning a constant positive affection in word and deed. People can be manipulated easily, so they if cult leaders will tell them something that is constantly relevant to what members want on a cult, they will automatically join that cult. Other than that, religious cults have a lot of many ways to convince an individual joining their group. For an example, cult group members will lend emotional support to someone in need, they compliment them, reassure, and make them the center of attention.

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  1. baronetical says:

    Your opening sentence isn’t very good. “Cults are everywhere.” You need to capture the reader’s interest, so try starting with a different line. There are a few small grammar mistakes, such as speaking in plural and then switching to singular (line 9 should say Religious cults ARE instead of IS) or the opposite Correct these minor grammar mistakes and it could be quite good. Also, you need a conclusion. Right now it ends in the middle of a paragraph, basically.

  2. misdirections says:

    itz ok

  3. emulate says:

    Neo-Nazis are not in a cult, the Nazis were and are a political party. By calling Nazis a cult your calling the Democrat and Republican parties cults too.