People need to be open minded and see things from new and fresh presepectives essay?

i need help with my essay . i don't know how to set up introduction and with what ideas . i am thinking and thinking but i am tottlly blank right now . i want to know about this topic: people need to be openminded and see things from new and fresh prespectives .

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4 Responses to “People need to be open minded and see things from new and fresh presepectives essay?”

  1. unmoneyed says:

    This isn’t a very strong essay topics as this is purely opinion, which explains why you cannot find information about it because it is not a researched topic and never will be. So, my suggestion- choose a different topic. The only way you may be able to pull it off is if you give some example of current events that everyone knows about and explain how you think its closed minded and irrational- your examples would have to include something about politics or some social controversial topic like abortion or stem cell research which again aren’t such good topics to talk about as they are purely opinion based as well. As i said before, choose another topic- if this is an option.

  2. upases says:

    Here are some examples that might help you get started: [external link] …Good luck!

  3. shrimp says:

    Need ideas? Try googling “European Enlightenment”.

  4. kodakist says: