Q about university essays?

so in high school (year 12 to be more specific) we used to write an informative or persuasive essay in about 1500 words, but the questions were often kind of basic so you could choose a few things to talk about and elaborate on them for the word usage. but now i'm writing my first uni essay for history and its only 1000 words and i have to examine the causes of the russian rev and how they link to WW1/affected ww1. i'm trying to write it now and i have no idea how the hell i'm supposed to get it all in 1000 words! my Q is, do uni's more so just want a brief overview rather than going into detail? they haven't specified how to write it and 1000 words is ridiculously short to do what the task wants!

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  1. phanerocodonic says:

    Most want to know how well you can write from these, not the actual history you’re writing about. Summarize it concisely, covering everey event, but not going too much in-depth. Make sure your grammar is great though, cuz most likely thats what they’ll be judgeing!