Torture: right or wrong? ?

I'm writing an essay over torture and I need some ideas to get flowing in my brain. Here is the prompt: What is your definition of torture? Is torture a just means of punishment or a fairways of manipulation against an enemy? Find an example(s) from history, literature, or current events to support your opinion.

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11 Responses to “Torture: right or wrong? ?”

  1. parknic says:

    Definition:Torture (verb)-To harm someone to make them do something.Torture is both a punishment and a way of manipulation. I believe that (when used by good guys against bad guys) that it is good. It all depends on who’s doing it to who.

  2. crotaliform says:

    Do your own homework.

  3. aortitis says:

    I’m not doing your homework for you. Give your own opinion.

  4. existentialists says:

    Wrong and not effective.

  5. De says:

    Wrong, I don’t want to be saved.

  6. swelling says:

    Doyour own homework

  7. telecode says:

    It’s a trick question.Everyone has a different definition of torture, and so you’re easily trapped by your own words by someone willing to lie about what you claim.For me, I think if frat boys are willing to do something to themselves (like water boarding) it’s not torture. If the Seals use water boarding as a training tool, it’s not torture.

  8. division says:

    It’s wrong, not just for humanitarian reasons, but because people will say anything when being tortured the information gained this way isn’t reliable.That’s all you’re getting, I have things to do other than your homework ;)

  9. libcore says:

    I have always been against torture…And then I saw the Samuel L Jackson movie…Unthinkable (2010) [external link] changed my mind ;) I wondered what I would do to a person who had my son, daughter or wife hidden somewhere with only hours to live – what lengths would *I* go to?Sure, I know you’re never guaranteed to get the right answer but there’s some revenge lurking there as well, a?~

  10. Algomic says:

    Wrong. It’s inhumane

  11. Marlboro says:

    I would define torture as repeated, intentional infliction of pain upon a person while they are unable to flee or escape that activity. Torture is cruel and immoral. Since it is cruel it is not a legitimate form of punishment, and since the end never justifies the means, torture is never acceptable as a tool against an “enemy.” There is plenty of research to back up my position, but I cannot do your homework for you. I actually have been up way too long already. Good night.