Which theme should I choose for my Jekyll and Hyde essay?

We can either do Mr Hyde, London, or both using a theme of doubles. Should I choose London or the theme of doubles?I'm not the type of person who runs out of things to say in an essay. I'm the type of person who often writes twice as much as is required.Thanks

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  1. pangium says:

    Personally, I would write about doubles/duality. You could talk about how human nature itself has a dual nature, the idea of the good/bad conscience. Then about the character of Dr Jekyll and the fact that the duality of his character is kept hidden from the reader until the last chapter. Does the fact that we know the two characters to be one and the same affect the way we want hyde to be punished?With regard to London you can talk about the duality of the City in Victorian times. The persona of the English gentleman and the affluence of the city during the day. Then the dark seedy underworld at night – just like the character of Jekyll/Hyde.Hope it helps a little.