Is my Of Mice and Men essay good?

i want to know if my essay is good or aleast ok. its due tomorrow. please tell me what you think and how i can change it in anyway. thanks.the writing prompt is:Identify major characters in the novel who have to make difficult choices. Analyze these choices and show why the characters made them, if they chose freely or were forced to, and how the choices lead to painful consequences. I am writing about george curley's wife and candy.Of Mice and Men EssayHave you ever made a difficult choice, either forced or freely made? Did this decision lead to a painful outcome? If so, then you can relate to the characters of the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. In this novel, major characters George, Curley’s wife and candy make difficult choices that are forced or freely made, and they result in painful consequences.George makes some tough decisions which all lead him to his misery. While George and Lennie are sitting near the fire, George says to Lennie, "‘…if I was alone I could live so easy…no mess at all,…An’ whatta I got…I got you!’"(Steinbeck,p.12) George’s life is not easy because he has to deal with Lennie, who just brings trouble for George. Choosing to take care of Lennie, instead of abandoning him, is what leads George to this painful aftermath. When talking to Carlson after killing Lennie, "George’s voice was almost a whisper. He looked at his hand that held the gun." (Steinbeck, p.104) George is now lonely sand he feels guilty for taking Lennie’s life away. Georges chooses to kill Lennie because if he didn’t Lennie would be killed painfully by Curley, and George does not want Lennie to suffer. Overall, George got the opposite of what he wanted, a happy life for Lennie but instead has to end it because of forced choices.Curley’s wife, due to poor choices she makes, receives painful outcomes. When lennie and Curley’s wife are in the barn, Curley’s wife says, "‘Feel right aroun’ there an’ see how soft it is.’" Curley’s wife has no one to talk to so she tries to get attention from Lennie by letting him touch her hair. Marrying Curley is what brought loneliness to Curley’s wife. Although Curley’s wife just wanted attention, she made the wrong choices to get the attention.Candy is forced to make a few hard choices and they result in candy facing the dreadful outcomes. After the death of his dog, Candy says "‘I ought to of shot that dog myself, George. I shouldn’t ought to of let no stranger shoot my dog.’"(Steinbeck, p.60) Candy now has a feeling of remorse and he misses the dog dearly. Candy lets Carlson shoot his dog because he feels he has no other choice but to let him because he thinks they will kick him off the ranch. After finding Curley’s wife dead knowing it was Lennie, Candy "spoke his greatest fear. ‘You an’ me can get that little place can’t we, George?’…Candy dropped his head and looked down at the hay. He knew."(Steinbeck, p.92) Candy’s dreams are now crushed because he knows that they will no longer continue to try to get little ranch. He had so much hope when he decided to join George and Lennie on their dream, and now he has to stay on the ranch because he has no other options. Candy just wanted to get off the ranch and keep his dog but could not have either because of the choices he was constrained to make.These characters made decisions that they thought would better their life but instead changed their life for the worst. They all just wanted a happy life but they all lose the chance to get this happiness at the end of the novel. Whether their choices were forced or freely made, they did not make the right decisions to get to their destination.

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    It is pretty good aside from the intro. Remember, you cannot use the word “you” in essays.