Help With Leadership Essay…?

I'm writing a leadership essay for a conference I'm going to in Washington D.C. It's not anything too serious (the essay), but I want to do well. I'm on the last part where I have to present a leader whom I admire(it can be any figure, living or dead), but I'm having some trouble choosing someone. So I ask, who are leaders that you guys admire? PLEASE HELP! Thanks in advance

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  1. berzerk says:

    st john baptist de la sallehe was the first person who founded schools for the poor in 17th century france. most of those schools still exist today. his modeo “signum fidea” or “enter to learn leave to serve” he believed in equality for all classes and believed in a strong education for all.

  2. seltape says:

    the guy who invented facebook, scientist who founded the cure to small poxs, people who work at TED, oprah, hillary clinton, obama, how about everyday hero’s. the kind of people who go unnoticed due to lack of wealth and fame. there are so many leaders in the world that you can write about. Some dead people you can write about can consist of Adam Smith, Alexander Bell, M.L. king. Gandhi, and the list goes on..