How can I make more friends?

I've been going out with this guy for almost two years. Before me and him started dating and a little bit after, I had a GREAT social life. Going out almost every weekend with friends, partying, shopping, etc. But after a while me and my friends began to slit apart and my time was focused on my boyfriend and just being with him. I guess it grew into a routine and when my sophomore year ended it would be just us two and another couple hanging out in the summer. The next school year came and my boyfriend and I decided to move into a four-hour high school to catch up to our credits since we both failed. There go all my friends. I met a few people in that school but since it's very small, I didn't make very many friends. I tried hanging out with them as much as I could but for some reason, I guess I was so used to hanging out with my boyfriend, I would miss him when I went out. So I preferred being with my boyfriend. During the end of my Junior year I began to grow tired of not having any friends and got jealous of those few friends I had who would go out every weekend and have fun. I broke it off with my boyfriend and was single for four months. (I regretted breaking up with him, I really did, but I needed some time for myself.) For those four months, me and my friend went out almost every weekend and I met A LOT of new people and became friends with them. It was so much fun. Now, me and my boyfriend made up and got back together, we settled our arguments and agreed we wouldn't spend as much time with each other like we used to, but it feels like we're falling into the same routine. I don't want this to happen to us again, I miss all my friends, but I feel like if I just stay in this small school I won't ever meet new people, and I have very few close friends to hang out with. And when they DO want to hang out it's usually to go to clubs to talk to other cute guys and such, which I'm not really that into. I mean, I have a boyfriend. What can I do to make new friends? I really miss just having a girls night out and hanging out with guy friends, just fooling around. (Not in THAT way) I get jealous when I see those social butterflies with all their popular friends and knowing everybody. I used to be like that, sort of. Actually, I was really shy, but now my shyness is completely gone. How do I get rid of this bad habit of not hanging out with friends and how can I let my boyfriend know that I need to make new friends both girls AND GUYS? Please don't be too judge mental. Sorry I wrote like an essay, I just miss having a lot of friends... (I know it seems like I don't care about my education but I really do, I've been stressing about getting my work done, and I'm also taking singing lessons to become a better singer. I write my own songs and play guitar, I wish to become famous one day. I just worry I won't be able to be sociable if I don't have friends)

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  1. resinifies says:

    um i didnt even read all that.

  2. library's says:

    baby nonever feel jelous just be who u rbut to tell the truth dnt really make it all ur bfjust make time for bothfriends and bfthe most important thing is to be who u r

  3. spurge says:

    Thank you. You are SOOO kind(: Report Abuse