How do i wright a conclusion for my 5 paragraph essay.?

Code orange by: Caroline b. Conney is a botanizes book. It is about a kid named Mitty. He has smart parents and he is in advance-science. He is about to be kicked out of advance-science because he has such a low grade. The only way to stay in advance-science is to pass the book report on desists. The only bad thing is he is lazy, secretive, and dependent.On page 4 of the book it says, he had perfected the technique of listening music on his ipod while a teacher talked. That is how I think he is secretive. He would listen to his ipod during class. The way he would is he would listen to it is he would ware long sleeves and ware a band to put his ipod in it. He would have the cord lead up his arm and back to the plum of his hand and lean on that arm. His eyes would stay fixed on his teacher so it does not look suspicious. On page 7 of the book it says, of course, if they had, mitt still wouldn’t have been working on his paper. He’d have been hanging out with Derek or else with olive. I think that calls him homework lazy, because what he is trying to say is he doesn’t want to do his homework. He wants to hang out with his friends instead. It sounds like he hates school, or he thinks he does bout he has not founded out how fun it is.On page 28 it says, Mitty is at camp house with his parents and he goes in to a library to get a book to read for his report. This is why I think he is independent. When he does find on it is on small pocks. In the book he is looking at it has an envelope in it and Mitty opens it. In it are scabies. On the front of the envelope it says small pocks scabies. The when they are in his hand he hears someone coming when he has the scabs in his hand and clamps down on them.Those are the three things I think of Mitty. They are lazy, secretive, and independent

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  1. sabbaths says:

    combine what u said throughout the whole essay, and summarize it in a few sentences. thats how u write a conclusion