Personal image essay opening paragraph?

I have to write an essay on MY personal image, not personal image in general. But I have no clue what I should put in the first paragraph. I have 1 sentence which describes what personal image is, and then after that I'm completely stuck... any ideas?

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  1. ternar says:

    Ok tricky…You could start by mentioning things that define you for example your best features or something that makes you really stand out. Next you could talk about decisions you make which affect your personal image e.g. do you wear preppy clothes as this will after your image and define how other see you. You could then consider commitments, hobbies and responsibilities which again shape you as a person. Do you do things for others mainly or for yourself. Finally you could delve into aspirations e.g. do you want to be 6ft and have red hair? and examine why you want these things and how this change in personal image would affect you.