Homer and odyssey?

I am suppose to write a two page essay titled "did homer write the odyssey?". what discussions can I make out of it because I am really stuck.

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  1. newroot says:

    The answer is No! It’s very well established, Homer did not the Odyssey. It was some other fellow with the same name.There is a great deal of information on line. Begin with Wikipedia and expand through the references and links provided.It is known that both the Odyssey and Iliad were preserved in Oral form. There is even conjecture that Homer wasn’t a man but a group of men that were mandated and entrusted to maintain oral history. Unfortunately you have the dullest topic associated with either book. It would be cool to document or speculate real events that might have contributed to the mythological event.

  2. zworfin says:

    Some say Homer never existed. If you can get an on-line edition you could use search to find if certain types of persuasive and angry words were used throughout the text or if there are a variance in description of the seas being roamed. Find variables and you have an essay. I believe they have free copies on Gutenberg.org

  3. tworads says:

    Homer did exist and he did writey Odyssey and Iliad. A lot of ppl who don’t like Greece used to say that Troy didn’t exist but the archeologists proove their mistake. Not only existed but it was destroyed too. Homed’s Odyssey was teached to the Greek children from ancient times. All the ancient writers and philosophers refer Homer. Read Plato