Why are most Yahoo! Answers questions not questions at all?

The more I look at questions the more I find that most aren't even questions there just so people can write an essay on what they think about ****... how does one bi pass this unfortunate annoyance?

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5 Responses to “Why are most Yahoo! Answers questions not questions at all?”

  1. Occamistic says:

    Go to Sodahead and have fun.

  2. mesode says:

    Could be three reasons, pal.1) They feel uninterested.2) They feel uncomfortable3) They feel inexperienced in the field the question is in.

  3. disgulf says:

    Why are some answers questions?

  4. subpost says:

    It comes down to two things: that users are self-centered and obnoxious, especially in YA forums where the subject has many partisans and/or nerds (such as politics or a sport), and Yahoo Answers being unmoderated. I take out my frustrations on the YA dweebs by filing abuse reports on them. But that doesn’t help, because the more abuse reports you file, the more likely that Yahoo will start ignoring you. So, you just can’t take YA seriously.

  5. betipple says:

    Majority of users are illiterate and cannot comprehend the rules or community guidelines.