Why was Israel important to the Jews during the Holocaust?

This is for an essay for my religion class.I must give a quick conclusion on why Israel was important to the Jews during the Holocaust.I need about five points.Please help if you can and I can research once I get ideas,I'm so lost right now.

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8 Responses to “Why was Israel important to the Jews during the Holocaust?”

  1. speigle says:

    As it didn’t actually exist except as a mental concept it was something for them to believe in.Israel as a nation was not created (by the US and Britain) until 1948 – before that it was just Palestine – and that is why there is so much trouble over there now. The land was stolen from the Palestinians and just given to the Jews.Not the most sensible thing to do, in hindsight.

  2. untemptably says:

    because Israel is the homeland of the jews

  3. semilocular says:

    We didn’t officially *have* Israel at that time. The region was still named ‘palestina’ and there were many different groups all living there – Palestinian Jews, Arabs, Turks, and others.Palestinian Jews had, by that time, already been there for 3700 years, non stop. So an ‘unofficial’ tiny Jewish state was already up and running. It had newspapers – the Palestinian Post newspaper, totally Jewish, later became the Jerusalem Post.To correct an earlier person: nothing was ‘stolen’. Jews were living there by right.*****To the asker:The essential point you need to make is this:If during WW2 we’d officially had Israel, we wouldn’t have lost six million Jews. Because if we’d officially had Israel, the Jews could have escaped Germany and found sanctuary IN Israel.Also, had there been an Israeli Army at that time, THEY would have rescued the Jews of Europe.Instead, the British were in control of Palestine, of the entire region. And just when the Jews of Europe MOST needed to flee, the British BANNED them from entering Palestine!Also, the Arab and Muslim nations surrounding the part of Palestine where Jews were living, went BESERK, and pressured the British to STOP European Jews from arriving.Directly as a result of that, more Jews, including Jewish children, ended up dying in German concentration camps.Here are two resources for you with LOTS of info: [external link]

  4. reamage says:

    It wasn’t.The State of Israel did not exist until 1948

  5. charminger says:

    Because it was a place they would be safe from persecution.

  6. autographism says:

    All of the Jews left after the Holocaust, went to Isreal because they had no where else to go because there was still discrimination towards them from the Germans.

  7. squanderers says:

    The Jews were stripped of their German citizenship and there was no obligation for the police or the state to help them. All their posessions were now the property of the German state and could be confiscated at any time. I’m also under the impression that if the Jews were wrongly tried of a crime, they would have to pay for the cost of the trial. Israel was their only way out to rights, religion, protection and freedom.In the end those remaining in Germany had their property confiscated, they were forced into cattle carts and sent to the east to be ”resettled”. These so called resettlement camps were nothing more than concentration camps disguised as red cross shelter and were regularly inspected by the red cross. The red cross however were decieved and the inmates were forced against their will to pretend that they were happy and well cared for. Of course they were not and once the red cross inspectors had left the camps, they were forced to change back into their inmate clothing.On their arrival at let’s say Auschwitz-Birkenau, they were stripped naked. They were forced to wear stripy inmate clothing. Any property that they had was confiscated. This included glasses, gold teeth, clothes, shoes, jewelry and even hair. A number was then tatooed on their arm. Once stripped of clothes, the inmates were forced against their will to run around naked in the open air (regardless of weather conditions) in an attempt to humilate and kill them. The camps were rife with disease due to the insufferable conditions and the amount of people hurded into one very small, confined space. Some inmates who could not hack the camps (especially being outside naked in freezing cold conditions) chose to throw themselves at the electric barbed why and kill themselves.In short the Nazis sought to eradicate the entire Jewish race and create an aryan race through the ”final solution”. Israel was their only hope of life.

  8. Diplodia says:

    as a homeland, but even there Jewish immigration was restricted by the British under Arab pressure, in Ww2 it was known as the mandate of Palestine