US HISTORY 1821 help on an essay?

3. The United States acquired Florida from Spain in 1821 and California (plus a large additional area in the Southwest) from Mexico in 1848. How can it be charged that the United States acted aggressively in both cases and simply took the territories it wanted? How can the United States be defended against that charge in both cases? Use specific information to support your answer.

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  1. bedtimes says:

    Look up “Manifest Destiny” on Wiki. That will give you the information you need.

  2. runoff says:

    Mexico just gained their independence from Spain in 1821. Mexico was in turmoil and they tried many different political systems that didn’t work for them. They were still undecided what to do when they asked Santa Anna to come back to help them against the US. But they didn’t trust him. In the end the US won the war with Mexico (which Mexico never declared war) and paid them $15 million dollars for the territory of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California with bits of other states also. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago was signed by the US and Mexico in 1848. The site below will give you much info on this. It is very thorough.I don’t know much about Florida though. Maybe someone else can help you with that one.