In Gone With the Wind, what is the factual information?

Had ti watch Gone with the Wind and I need to write an essay and cite specific examples on how it portrays the Civil War. But it's a romance so I really don't understand besides the fact that it involves the COnfederate Army. I've searched a lot and I really cant get the answer. thanks.

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3 Responses to “In Gone With the Wind, what is the factual information?”

  1. orpine says:

    Gone with the Wind – Margaret MitchellStudy Guides: [external link] … [external link] …

  2. samborn says:

    Sorry, but there is not much factual in that movie/book. It is a piece of southern propaganda and trash. It Romanticizes slavery, Dixie and everything wrong with the south.

  3. disseizing says:

    Fact: There was a civil war in the US, and white folk in “The South” had slaves.Fiction: Pretty much everything else in the movie.