Gay Family’s harm “Family Values?”?

I'm doing an Essay on Gay marriage (Pro) and I have to present the opposition to my Family Values topic.I can't find one dang' source!Help?

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6 Responses to “Gay Family’s harm “Family Values?”?”

  1. encyclopedically says:

    So..You’re COUNTERING the idea that gay families harm ‘family values’, right? As in you want information that rejects the idea that gay families are harmful? Or are you looking for information that goes against your pro-gay family stance so that you can counter it so that you represent both sides of the issue to prove that yours is superior?You are likely having difficulty finding information on your topic because you aren’t being specific enough. You have to define family values according to what the opposition will say as well as what you define family values to be, and then research the separate parts of family values.For instance, if you decide that people interpret family values as having one parent of each sex then you would present a situation that may demonstrate the importance of that. ie/ The mother can teach her daughter about the ‘birds and bees’ as well as menstruation etc. You can then pose the idea that gay fathers wont know how to adequately teach their daughter about those things and that she needs a female role model to teach her those things.And then after saying that, you would effectively kill that absurd notion. You would say that a child can grow up to be healthy without both a male and female parent by talking about how single parents can successfully raise their children, and how there are BOOKS out there that enable the gay fathers to educate themselves and learn how to present that essential information to their daughter.

  2. MacWEEK says:

    the ‘Bubble’ sez it’s wrong!

  3. Iridomyrmex says:

    Watch all their videos and then change your topic. [external link]

  4. bollire says:

    Born Again family values consist of Paw beating Maw senseless with a heavy frying pan -

  5. baring says:

    Just type “gay marriage” into your search engine and visit any religious-sponsored site.

  6. predisable says:

    You are asking at the wrong place. Try asking in the Religion or Politics section and you’ll see plenty of people there who hate us and will gladly give you some stupid argumentation (argumentation that is always easy to wipe out).