Are Centaurs the zodiaz o sagittarius?!?

Im reading a book about Centaurs and i am doing an essay about them, and centaurs (half human, half horse) look like they are from the picture of the zodiac saggitarius. I am not sure if Sagittarius's icon came form the greek mythology of Centaurs. Is this true that Cantaurs are used in the photo of the zodiac sign sagittarious!?

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3 Responses to “Are Centaurs the zodiaz o sagittarius?!?”

  1. vasework says:

    Sagittarius is indeed represented by the centaur. The centaur is, as i recall, taken from very early drawings dating from well before writing originated.

  2. ALI says:

    CentaurusThis constellation represents Chiron who is frequently mentioned in Greek mythology. Chiron was one of the Centaurs, barbarous beasts which were said to be half-horse and half-human. But unlike the others, Chiron was extremely wise and tutored Hercules and Jason. Unfortunately, Hercules accidentally wounded Chiron. The immortal centaur, in great pain, pleaded with the gods to end his suffering. Zeus mercifully let him die and gave him a place among the stars. Sagittarius, the Archer, can be seen in the summer in the Northern Hemisphere and in winter in the Southern. Sagittarius probably originated with the Babylonians. He stands with his bow aimed at the heart of Scorpio. Sagittarius was Babylon’s god of War. In Greek mythology, the centaur Chiron invented Sagittarius so that the Argonauts could find their way to Colchis.

  3. voltaplast says:

    Yes, a centaur with a bow and arrow, also known as The Archer.