Sylvia Plath’s poetry?

HeyI'm writing an essay about Sylvia Plath's poetry and the issues and ideas she wrote about. I have researched her life and know how she suffered from metal illness and stuff like that. I also understand how most of her poems were confessional. I really want to know the main ideas she wrote about in her poetry. For example I was thinking death, depression?any help would be great :)thx

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  1. angolar says:

    Metal illness…(I know this is a typo, I just thought it was rather funny)To answer this I would need to read all of Sylvia Plath’s poetry….I would rather stick forks in my eyes. (As far as I can see she suffered from a depressive illness, although I believe many think that being married to Ted Hughes didn’t help)….look on Wikipedia etc. for your answer

  2. fbplane says:

    Themes include women’s place in American culture (even though Plath lived the last three years in England, thinking wrongly that she had more freedom in England to be a writer); what women can attempt; how coerced they were by social norms (i.e., to date, marry, have children, be a helpmeet, support charities); the weight society places on women–to be the only support of children, to earn livings (Plath’s life, echoing her mother’s very difficult one, with little money and two children for whom she wanted the best of opportunities); the need for superhuman talent, endurance, and resourcefulness in every woman’s life. [external link] …Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy”An Examination of a Father’s Influence over Brilliant Poet [external link] …Assessing Sylvia Plath’s poetry 10 Articles [external link] …

  3. heretically says:

    Her whole body of poetry is not exactly identical although yes, the recurring themes are of death and darkness and isolation. You must also know that she was a champion of women’s rights. In the sense that she knew how wrong the whole circumstance of being subdued by a husband and running according to his whims it is and she has written a lot of liberating poetry as well. However, there is an underlined frustration of not being able to fully accomplish that kind of liberty in all her poetry as well, because she knew she would be ruined if Ted Hughes left her and he did, and I’m guessing she always knew she wasn’t as strong as she believed herself to be.Lack of a traditional family life also plays an important role in most of her poetry…you might want to look up her relationship with her father to grasp this theme of strained parental relationships.