Where can I get “computer glasses”?

These days, I've been having eye strain and headaches and I was looking at what causes them and google-ing to see what I can do to help. I tend to use the computer a lot with projects and essays constantly for school So, I saw computer glasses and was wondering how you can get them? They are kind of tinted and reduce glare from the computer giving less eye strain and prevents headaches. Does anyone know where I can buy them? Do I have to get them prescribed? How much do they range from? Do they work well? Thanks!

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  1. overreacting says:

    You can get custom work at Replacement Lens Express. Just e-mail their sales rep at [email not allowed] and tell them exactly what you want, and they’ll get you a really competitive price quote. I think single vision lenses start at $25 and everything is made in-house in Connecticut, whereas lots of other places outsource overseas (and then the quality sucks!)

  2. horse4s says:

    Actuall,y I’m using computer glasses as well since I’m facing the hour everyday for work. You could get computer glasses at any optical store which sells different types of sunglasses. They do have their own eye specialist, where they will have you undergo a few test to determine which computer glasses would fit you.

  3. insaturable says:

    People who already wear glasses often require a different focal distance power than what their glasses give them. That is when computer glasses are made. They are based on the prescription the person normally wears to either shorten or lengthen the focal distance so that computer use is more comfortable for them.If you don’t wear glasses…then so called computer glasses to” reduce glare and headaches ” are just a scam.Some sites sell them as ready made miracle glasses…..that cut glare, cut dangerous rays, ect…First , there IS no glare from a computer screen…glare can only happen on the lenses of your glasses , if you are wearing any. ( without an anti reflection coating )There are no dangerous rays coming from monitors either.The solution is usually just to turn the brightness down a bit on the monitor to a more comfortable level , and keep the monitor at least 28 inches away , and take very frequent breaks to look around the room to let your eyes refocus to the distanceIf headaches and eyestrain are a constant problem , perhaps you are due for an eye exam to find out why.