Do you think my teacher is being unfair? How do i fix this?

I think my teacher really hates me, espicially because my boyfriend is his other class's class rebel/class clown. -I was exactly a minute late, he told me to go down and get a late slip. It wasn't an important day.. and it was the first time i was ever late. Another student came late 5-10 minutes after me and he didn't any anything.-We had a class discussion and part of our mark was participation. It depended on how many times we participated. I counted exactly 12 times which gets me a level 3. I tried hard to make them long too. I ended up with a level 1. My classmate, which participated 4 times, got a level 3. -He never picks me when i raise my hand. NEVER.-He told me to come 30 minutes early to school for a interview on my essays (everyone had to do this, on diff times and i chose the morning) he showed up 27 minutes late. He told me to come afterschool. He was in the building the whole time.. he was handing out christmas cards for the students that gave him gifts. He couldve done that afterschool! He only did this to me and this other student-He gives me horrible marks even if i try hard.You might think oh im just a bad student. I'm 16 years old and i always have atleast an 85+ average. I have 3 extra credits with 70 extra volunteer hours. I barely ever skip class. I recieved the awards for math, art, technology, computer science so far. This class, which is anthropology, is bringing my mark down big time. I'm getting a 71. I feel like if i tell my parents he will hate me more. what do i do? I got him a christmas gift and he never wrote me a card back either.

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7 Responses to “Do you think my teacher is being unfair? How do i fix this?”

  1. anthracolithic says:

    Some of you guys kill me. Always “My teacher hates me.” Of course it NEVER your fault.First of all, you were late. How late? Doesn’t matter? And don’t worry how he handles someone else’s tardiness. May have been excused or prearranged.It wasn’t an important day? EVERY day is important! Granted some are more important, but that is not for you to judge which ones are.Tried to make your participation long? How about making them GOOD?Horrible marks even though you try hard? When did grades stop being about accomplishment, and start being about “trying hard?”Barely skip class? If all this was so important to you, you would NEVER skip calss.

  2. ROSSIE says:

    I want to emphasize Lyle’s answer to your question. I think I would talk to your counselor. I would think that offers the least risk. I might even suggest that your boyfriend probably is the problem for you. However, if he is, that is your personal problem. Some of the other responders have given you their opinions about that.There is one thing I want to suggest that no one has mentioned. Why don’t you talk directly to your teacher. If he allows it, go over with him every situation you mentioned in your question and have him explain the grades that he gave you. That may help him to think differently about you and your boyfriend. Do not suggest that you are challenging the grade. Only say you are curious about it because you like anthropology and you are thinking about going to college to study it more intensely. However, your grades in the class are not encouraging enough to allow you to think about it as a career. Good luck.

  3. downstroke says:

    It kinda does sound like he’s just out to get you in whatever way possibly can. I reccomend talking to your councelor. Show your councelor your work and explain the situation to them. I know from expierience that this will get to the bottom of your situation.

  4. ratfinks says:

    Empowering teachers with something that can inspire teachers to become better teachers is a perfect idea. in your situation And you can consider an inspiring book for teachers- vision revision: the teachers’ master key to career success”- [external link] Teachers like it because the book is primarily a teachers’ guide to career management and retirement careers.

  5. morphologies says:

    if you’re so smart why are you with the class clown

  6. dillseed says:

    It does sound like there is something wrong. You get high marks so you shouldn’t be getting low marks in an easier class like Anthropology. Perhaps you could show some of your papers to your parents and ask them if they think your mark for it is too low? You’re barely getting a C! You certainly don’t want to end up with a D. That’s going to throw off your overall GPA.

  7. distrustful says:

    yeah sounds like he hates you… what an a hole. but don’t you never know about the other student that came in late. maybe they have a circumstance that he knows about, though..i seriously doubt that based on the other information youve told me. why not talk to him about it. then if it keeps getting worse, have your parents schedule a meeting between him, the principal, you and your parents. maybe you can be assigned to a different teacher. but either way, you HAVE to do something about it because its affecting your grades which affects you later on, like college.