Why are the poorest people in society most likely to have poor health? Sociology Question- Need Extra Help!?

so im doing this exam Q & i'm supposed to answer the question---Why Are The Poorest People In Society Most Likely To Have Poor Health?---- i got a essay plan, but i'd like to get some EXTRA :) info from actual sociologists or by people who've taken the subject already. I am on GCSE level, top class. This is just a practice exam Q our teacher has given us, so its not actual coursework. Any help would FANTABADOUBIIIIIIIII! :D

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15 Responses to “Why are the poorest people in society most likely to have poor health? Sociology Question- Need Extra Help!?”

  1. frequented says:

    The poorer section of UK society often have ‘reversed snobbery’ and reject education lack of knowledge results in their ill health. Lack of education and cash to buy anything other than anti nutritional food (microwave meals, chip sand kebabs) will cause poor health in later life. Schools no longer teach children how to cook and make a healthy family meal. If the family does not know this or does not pass it on we will have a nation of very sick people.The ‘poor’ often smoke and drink heavily as it is socially acceptable for them to do this and is often encouraged by pub opening hours and the British drinking culture.Social issues often lead to people wanting to ‘get away from their problems’ with alcohol which is cheap and easily available. This leads to ill health and diseases associated with alcohol.Drugs are also readily available to the poor and accepted in certain social groups. These offer escape from life at a high cost to health.The poor may fear people they see as being in authority (doctors, health visitors etc.) and do not seek medical help or advice. Seeing these professionals as ‘interfering’ in their lives.Poor housing cause ill health and now after many council homes were sold off in the 1980′s many poor people have private landlords who are happy to exploit the poor. People who live in over crowded damp ridden houses become sick especially the elderly and very young.

  2. wakenings says:

    They’re likely to have poor health, in part due to poor diets. The poor are less likely to buy healtier (but more expensive) foods at the supermarket because of cost, and wind up spending more money on “cheap” fast food like 99c double cheeseburgers at mcdonald’s.

  3. gripiest says:

    they can’t afford healthcare or good health insurance?or they can’t afford really healthy food (canned food is often cheaper…)

  4. Waswahili says:

    Not being able to afford dentist fees bad teeth gum infections bad breath.

  5. tanglesome says:

    In addition to the obvious (less money, less access to doctors) poor people are usually not the smartest. When you are not smart, you cannot follow advice and directions. So, when you tell a dum person “Don’t have unprotected sex because you can get a STD” but he does, it’s because of his/her stupidity. Or when you tell a dum person “Don’t smoke because you’ll get lung cancer and heart disease” but he/she does, that’s also stupidity. Dum people also have poor hygiene because they just don’t get it. So, it’s brains baby. Smarter people are richer and healthier because they know how to take care of themselves.

  6. overfoul says:

    fast foods are the cheapest…

  7. wholist says:

    Because of their standard of living, unsanitary living conditions, lack of nutritious food, unable to get health care, all these factors are more likely to cause illness. In poorer areas illness and disease spread quickly, due to the above factors and close quarters they live in.

  8. behlert says:

    I suggest you read Amartya Sen’s “Development as Freedom”, they have more evidences that will provide a review on your topic.

  9. prodentine says:

    Health comes from good diet, access to doctors and hospitals and medicines, living in an good environment and being stress free etc. The poor don’t have all that so are usualy in poor health. Usually its bcoz of their poor diet and sanitation issues.Also they dont get a good education.

  10. sycophantize says:


  11. metallographic says:

    Depression because of the above answers

  12. Dinotheres says:

    Being poor for many means not being able to buy food or at least proper nutritional means, that wealthier people take for granted and can afford. Being unable to heat their homes sufficiently to stop them getting illnesses like cold, flu and worse pneumonia, especially in the elderly. Not always getting any backup from proper health care services, so often they fall through the cracks in the welfare system, so they might never see a doctor or welfare worker when they need to, so fall ill, and if they have no family get completely overlooked.

  13. brandies says:

    poor people can’t even afford to have proper housesfor them having a meal once in a day is a treat when the food is not even proper and nutritious .they don’t think much about what to eat and what not to they just grab anything they seeits a really sad state

  14. overpowerful says:

    If can’t afford decent quality food, housing, sanitation or health care you are more likely to become ill.

  15. tresa says:

    Studies on the above subject can be misleading, as not everyone considered poor / low income will stay that way. the major effects are on people who are suffering poverty for a prolonged time. Also the opposite can be true in that having poor health can result in a decline in income or social activities.Cheap food, (low in nutrional benefit), lack of exercise, lack of social interaction all have an inpact on health, (physical, social and mental). You need to consider why low income tend to lead to these problems.It is proven that a good nutritious meal can be cooked using fresh food cheaper than fast food, frozen and tined goods.A walk costs nothing, taking the kids to the park to run around or a game of footy etc costs nothing. So people on low income can be healthier than ‘richer’ people.The major problems associated with being ‘poor’ is low self-esteem, lack of confidence, social exclusion, depression. People can become unmotivated and unable to see a way out the situation they find themselves in. Poor education, being brought up in a family effected by these problems can reflect on a child’s education, thus leading to the same problems in their later life.Whilst it is true that poor diet and unaffordable health care leads to poor health you need also to look at the wider picture.