Filling out a resume with no work experience?

I'm a student looking for my first part-time job (to work around school hours) and, since it's my first job, I obviously have no work experience. I wanted to write up a resume to hopefully give employers a sense of what I'm like and to set me apart from other hopeful students, but I'm not sure what to write down. If you could help me out, it'd be much appreciated. I'm 17 years old right now and have had no work experience (other than volunteer work, which doesn't really count in my case). In addition, I've never participated in any clubs or outside organizations (except for coaching young kids in baseball and soccer for 2 years). Despite this, I've got good grades (a weighed 4.0, with two AP classes) and near-to-perfect attendance.I'm just not sure what there is to write in a resume other than experience. And another question I have is, how should I write it? Should it be in a paragraph form, kind of like a short essay about myself, or should it be organized into tables and such, detailing, as brief as possible, who I am? Sorry if these questions sound stupid, but I honestly have no clue on how to fill a resume out.Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. reinvested says:

    Hello, Nick. Here are my suggestions for format and content:Start with your name on top (do not write the word “Resume” – the employer will know without it) in bold, larger font. Next line below, write your email address, best phone number(s) and the city in which you live (not the street address – don’t know where this is going next).Two lines below the Contact Information, write a SUMMARY section (capitalize like my example); write a summary that includes your objective and summarizes your work experience and your educational background. For example: Reliable, honor-roll high school student seeing part-time job where I can trade my intelligence, good work habits and reliability for college tuition savings account (yes, I repeated the word “reliable”). 4.0 GPA, near-perfect school attendance, 2 years volunteer work successfully coaching junior league baseball and soccer teams. Excellent references, available immediately.Two lines below the SUMMARY, write WORK EXPERIENCE and list it in this format:May, 2008 – September 2008 Anytown Little League CoachTaught fundamentals of hardball to 12 eight year olds, coaching my team to a winning season. My tasks involved strategy, diplomacy and idealism; our success came from teamwork.Two lines below the WORK EXPERIENCE section, write EDUCATION and list your academic experience somewhere near this example:Anytown High School: Junior standing. Classes emphasizing sciences, including two Advanced Placement courses.Center the text on the page. Suggest you use a very readable font, perhaps Palatino size 12.Good luck!