Would you help a little girl named Susan who needs someone to write her essay and is willing to give money?

Little Susan got two B's and the rest C's on her essay. Her teacher is very picky and when Susan forgot to mention two other authors her B paper went to a C minus. Little Susan talked to this teacher many of times and he is not a C type person. Susan even showed her work to other English professors and they said her work was a A plus!Susan also found out that the professor has the right to fail her even though her grades are passing. Susan now feels a deep depression coming one.Susan is prepared to pay someone ten dollars per page (4 pgs), which would be in MLA form and it has to be on the 'A raisin in the sun'' Susan can't afford another C with this horrible teacher. Susan and seven other students are the only ones still trying, ...the class was once so full they had to het extra chairs.How will Susan's story end? will she find the person who will save her from a dragon of a teacher? Or will she lay to roast in the painful fire of failure?

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5 Responses to “Would you help a little girl named Susan who needs someone to write her essay and is willing to give money?”

  1. shaft says:

    Possible ending: She does find someone to write her paper, but spends so much time editing it, that she learns the material for herself. This would work if the whole story involves different ways she tries to get out of doing her work. It might make a good grade school, possibly middle school story.

  2. meristem says:

    Ah, to be honest this wouldn’t be something I’d be interested in reading. No offence!

  3. benin's says:

    Susan gave the teacher her body and then ratted him out to the school board. End of one mean teacher.

  4. zoocarp says:

    nopebetter do it yourselfthat is how you learn

  5. cher says:

    There’s a name for this.IT’S CHEATING!