I think you shouldent celebrate thanksgiving because you are celebrating the killings of the native americans?

Why do you think you should celebrate thanksgiving its for a perrsasive essay on why thanksgiving shouldent be celebrated i need pros and cons

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27 Responses to “I think you shouldent celebrate thanksgiving because you are celebrating the killings of the native americans?”

  1. gundog says:

    Thanksgiving has nothing to do with killing and was celebrated by Indian and Pilgrim side by side.People are very gullible and should do allot more research into “real” history.

  2. judd says:

    i think you are wrong.thanksgiving has the best food around.haha.sorry your question just made me want some turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce.

  3. Laserpitium says:

    I agree that it started out as a warped holiday, but who really celebrates it because of the pilgrims/Indians anymore? We celebrate it as a time to be thankful…I love getting together with my family and eating a ton of food.

  4. bicyanide says:

    I disagree. Look at Easter-that is “celebrating” the aftermath of Jesus’ death. Oh, can’t speak of religion? Ok, what about Independence Day? How many died before we received that. Note too Native Americans were helping the New Americans to defend the land. Thanksgiving is celebrating a newcoming and joining. Remember it was the Indiams who taught the New Englanders how to “survive of the land”.

  5. musicproof says:

    As a person with a Cherokee grandmother I wouldn’t celebrate a holiday if it were celebrating the massacre of native americans. I celebrate Thanksgiving as a day to give thanks for everything and everyone that I have been blessed with. We gather together to celebrate love and togetherness. We bring food to share in our blessings and to be thankful that we have been so well provided for. On the first Thanksgiving the Puritans *pilgrims* gave thanks for the fellowship, friendship, and generosity of the native americans. They knew at that point that if not for that particular tribe of people that they would not have survived the hardships that they were facing. It wasn’t until much later that the massacre and disease started taking over the land. When you look to Thanksgiving don’t look at what eventually happened. That isn’t what is being celebrated. Look to what the Puritans were actually celebrating that day. Thankfullness for their survival and wellness.

  6. expect says:

    Is that what you think?If so, then why not write a ‘perrsasive’ essay on ‘thinking disorders’!

  7. postinjection says:

    WRONG!We are celebrating the fact that the first Americans shared a meal with the Native Americans. They were getting along! We didn’t kill them until much later! We celebrate “Thanks”giving to give thanks to the Lord for all of he blessings in our lives. All of the good and the bad in our lives, we give thanks for…….we could not be here (in America) to celebrate thanks, not be here (dead). We celebrate our freedoms in this country and many more things. Family and Friends, health!

  8. unsupposable says:

    1st-it is the holiday for gratitude in between the “give me candy “and “I want ” Holidays. 2nd-you need to do some more research. The Pilgrims respected the Native Americans .It wasn’t until the greed of land that the Native Americans are killed. If their tribes wouldn’t have been so pride-full and if they would banded together their history would have been different.3rd look at it for what it is. A time buld memories of family and to be grateful for our blessings

  9. seraphicism says:

    I think FIRST you should learn to spell PERSUASIVE and SHOULDN’T.

  10. disestablishes says:

    Of course we have to celebrate! I love turkey and pie! :o ) Sorry.

  11. masjid says:

    Thanksgiving is about GIVING THANKS that is how I look at it!

  12. scintillated says:

    We’re not celebrating the killings of American Indians… That may have been part of what happened, but that’s not why we celebrate. We celebrate family, bountiful food and patriotism.That day may have been tainted, but it’s become part of our culture now in a very positive way.

  13. clownishnesses says:

    Wow! I can’t believe how few people know the true story of Thanksgivng! It had NOTHING to do with celebrating the killing of Native Americans! Thanksgiving was the first feast after the first harvest where the Pilgrims and the Native Americans (then called Indians) each brought food to share together in P-E-A-C-E! The 2 peoples came together in friendship and shared stories and ideas.It is a great American tradition.

  14. gluttoness says:

    i think we should, because i like getting together with my family, and eating turkey, stuffing, potato salad, cranberry sauce, pie, pie, pie, and more pie.i dont give a crap about the meaning behind the holiday.

  15. hobee's says:

    Not just killing of Native Americans–enslavement of Native Americans, shipping them to Europe, and the consequent boom in the African slave trade (because prior to the rape of the New World, Africa’s main export to Europe was gold and silver–and the colinization of America led to decreasing trade with Africa for these commodities, which led to the African slave trade.)Check out this book called Lies My Teacher Told Me–great little digest of historical information.That said–I personally don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because I try to be gracious and thankful in general, and attaching those sentiments to THAT particular day seems asinine. Moreover, the “holiday” has become mostly about gluttony anyway, and in a world where people are starving, gorging myself on turkey and craberry sauce kinda loses its appeal.

  16. fruleux says:

    I think we should, b/c it brings families together. i like it better than Christmas. Besides what would all the sweet potato and turkey farmers do without thanksgiving?

  17. beround says:

    Cons-1.) The pilgrims won, history is written by the winners.2.)This day was one of the few times they all got along.3.)I’ve never thanked god for dead indians in my thanksgiving table prayer.4.)The teacher that assigned you this is probably a pedophile.5.)I’m part indian (northern Blackfoot) and I say it’s ok.6.)What are you possibly going to do that day where you won’t be smack dab in the middle of thanksgiving.7.)Thanksgiving has nothing to do with the pilgrims anymore, it’s about overeating, visiting family, and football.Pros-1.) If nobody celebrated Thanksgiving we’d have less days off from work. (it’s good for corporations)2.)The malls wouldn’t be as crazy on Black Friday.3.) Pointless parades in New York would end making the commute to work faster in Manhattan.4.)Everything would suck, see where this is going….

  18. periophthalmitis says:

    UMMM no …we celebrate to be thankful.duh not for killing people. The pilgrims had a feast celebrating there first year of survival on new land after many hardships. After is when they stole native american land not nessecarily killing them!

  19. khadi says:

    um, suuuure it is.

  20. tuneing says:

    We do not celebrate “Thanksgiving” in my family nor was it celebrated on the reservation I grew up on. I suppose it would be like Black people celebrating slavery or Jews throwing a big Nazi party.We do not celebrate Columbus day for the same reasons. I cannot celebrate the death and destruction of any culture.And people why can’t you have Turkey and all the insane amounts of food in celebration of The fact that you can afford to feed your children or on the 6th of November just because you are happy to have a family to surround yourself with. Why celebrate the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Native Americans.No Thanks! No Giving!

  21. brittany says:

    Thanksgiving was the native americans and the pilgrims sharing a dinner together. The native americans were not the main course. This has turned into a holiday where we celebrate giving thanks for what we have much as these early settlers gave thanks for the food that they harvested from this land that they shared. I always love this because it is a gathering of friends and family over a good meal and conversation. We remind each other of all the good things that have taken place over the past year and pray for those who are less fortunate. Plus, it’s one of the few holidays that dont require buying gifts!

  22. kgordon says:

    pros and cons:get to spend time with distant family that you never get to see but once a year. and realize that they are crazy and you don’t want to see them for another year.you are recreating kindness and giving that our forefathers tried to instill. unfortunately we weren’t the best of neighbors to the native americans and we brought disease and took their land. but we should turn the other cheek and be kind to everyone around us.you get to give canned goods to different food drives so that everyone can experience Thanksgiving.you get to reflect on the past year and think about all that God has blessed you with. You get to share your holiday with people who love you, like your children and your significant other, not your crazy great aunt matilda, she’s there because you had to invite her. you can create your own traditions for your family and have it be really special for you and your children. make it a memory for life.hope this helps!

  23. samuelw says:

    The first Thanksgiving was in celebration of surviving in a new and difficult land, and of the friendship of the Native Americans who were such a big help to the Pilgrims. Nobody can dny that relationships turned sour later and that the treatment of Native Americans was terrible, but what could be a better beginning of a more positive relationship than to give thanks for the friendship and cooperation with which the relationship began.

  24. rishy-ma says:

    I was not at the first celebration, but have been informed native Americans attended, too. It is a day to feast and be thankful, not a day of brutality

  25. pseudocarp says:

    No, it is not a celebration of killing Native Americans. They were our friends when we first arrived and helped the Pilgrims adapt to the new land.

  26. apoblast says:

    Thanksgiving for me is just another day on the calendar for me. Very few people know the reason behind Thanksgiving and more actually believes that it is a day to rest up before the big Christmas holiday season.

  27. archpilferer says:

    You need to check your history. Thanksgiving was celebrated by the Pilgrims WITH the native Americans. It was a feast (and still is) to celebrate harvest, friendship, family, and God’s blessings. The sad and wasteful killing didn’t start until many years later because of the the “white man’s” greed. By the way Thanksgiving as we know didn’t become a national holiday in America until the early 1900′s