Please help… I don’t think I’m going to finish :( advice?

S its 4:30am...I was suppose to stay up again though i fell asleep. I have an assignment due today. (Marine studies, we only do this subject for 3 terms, and i only have it twice a fortnight so yea it isn't taken seriously though i still got to hand it in. I have an art assignment due Monday and a history essay due Sunday by 12 noon ( Emailing to teacher) I been going going really slow on my artwork.. We have to do painting.. I've only done one 1/4 of it and haven't even started painting.... And today is the last day for miss to help me... She was originally going to help me paint but i can't bring my work in because i've done so little.... and Everyones finish... Also my history essay is due Sunday 12:00 non and i haven't started... I can't think and really nervous! I need advice on what to do :(

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  1. epigraphy says:

    Best Answer: Make an ugly girl your GF who’s master in studies and ask her to do your assignment.She would do anything for you all year lol.