What subculture would you say i most identify with. For school essay?

Ok i have an essay i need to write for my english class. I have to describe the subculture that i most identify with. I figured it would be easy but I have never really thought about it before so as I am thinking about it I have no idea. a little about mei am 20 years old. grew up in a small texas town lower middle class. I am agnostic I love buddism and everything it has to offer. I love nature and plan on becoming a geologist or environmental scientist. I think that we as humans must start treating the earth with much more respect.I do like to smoke marijuana and I think some people would put me in the "stoner" category but since this is for school that is not appropriate. i love music, i listen to a lot of different stuff, some favorites are Led Zeppelin, Sublime, Tool, Dispatch, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hed Pe. It is really hard to some up a whole person in such few words but i suppose that is the best i can do, and i am tired of writing. No ugly responses please

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