What would you do if you witnessed a crime?

I'm writing a Classification essay on the type of people who witness crimes, accidents, and/or incidents and their behaviors. I'm classifying the types, obviously, and I can only think of people who something(run to the scene and aid) and people who don't (walk away or stand around). I cannot find any info. on anything. I'm in desperate need of help. My paper in due Wednesday (10/14). I need to formal sources (books and databases) and one internet. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

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2 Responses to “What would you do if you witnessed a crime?”

  1. preformism says:

    I would squeal like a stuck pig.

  2. muimloh says:

    Hiya,Alrighty, you’ll need to look through Social Psych research – try using the word “bystander” in your searches – “bystander response” etc. There was quite a bit of study done during the 1970sBooks:- “Social Psychology in Natural Settings….” by P.G Swingle – did some experients on how witnesses react. – “The Unresponsive Bystander – Why Doesn’t He Help?” B. LataneMore recent stuff – news pieces & articles you can download….quite a few case studies etc”Will Eyewitnesses to Crime Take Action” – news article [external link] …”They Know I Saw It: Evaluation Apprehension and Diffusion of Responsibility in Bystander Reactions to a Violent Crime.” [external link] …”Crime, Commitment & the Responsive Bystander” 1972 T. Moriarty. [external link] …”The unresponsive bystander: are bystanders more responsive in dangerous emergencies?” [external link] …Also try looking up “Bystander effect” – here’s the Wikipedia start – got some good links…. [external link] …Hope these help as a start….Good luck :)