Im writting an Essay on Human Cloning… Can u help me?

Ok im almost done, but i need a lil' help on a few points. Instructions:Research at least 4 sources on human cloning. You must include the President's most recent stand and examples from The Foundation for Human Cloning available at ur research take a stand either for or against human cloning. Persuading The Senate Subcommittee to pursue legislation to ban, restric or allow human cloning.k I'm against Human Cloning. My main points are:it's unethical, there are health risks, emotional risks, risks of abuse of the technology, and over population that would lead to Global Warming. FYI i need help on the emotional risks of human cloning. Any info, facts, disadvantages, etc. on human cloning would be great! Thanks =)

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  1. hinnerk says:

    seriously, try wikipedia. the only cloning i know ish agri cloning (food stuff so you harvest more but its ex and there are minor aftereffects.) and Dolly the sheep which died of a cloning disease.sorry.