What do you think makes Janet Jackson a great artist?

I've asked this before, a few months ago, but I hardly got any answers.So maybe I'll be more lucky with some this time.I already know what I believe makes her a great artist (the best) but I want to hear others' opinions and thoughts. I'll probably keep rambling on into an essay if I give my input right now on what makes her a great artist to me anyway. Thank you for answering!

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8 Responses to “What do you think makes Janet Jackson a great artist?”

  1. floorboard says:

    I think one thing is her personality.You can tell that she is a really sweet person. Usually people with bad personalities have less fans.Her voice is very unique and soft, which is always nice to listen too, and she can dance great. Also, her live performances are always great. :D

  2. jemadar says:

    Her gift from God. I do believe he gave two people that amazing gift. Not just singing, because all of them can sing. Im talking about her dancing, song writing, and her voice is one of the best voice’s I have ever heard. She is very soft spoken and she can hit high notes. She also has that spark that draws people to her. She is the true Queen of Pop.

  3. retiracy says:

    Well, mostly, I love her voice. She has such a calming voice. Also her dancing is incredible, so is her performances. I really would love too see her live! That’ll be great. Only if my parents would let me. lol All along with her song writing (she wrote a few songs), acting, and humor. All incredible talent. :)

  4. trappiness says:

    What makes Janet a great artist is a variety of things. I can’t just narrow it down to one so I’ll just elaborate on two that make her really, really different and special as an artistJanet’s lyrical content- This in my opinion is a fascinating quality Janet has in her music. I rarely find artists that will open their arms for listeners like Janet does. She has covered every topic imaginable and really enlightened me on many of these topics at such a young. This is what makes Janet special. She writes how she feels and even how her fans feel.Janet’s voice – It’s so versatile. It can be rough and edgy then smooth and sweet. Janet has sung about every genre – Rock, Pop, R’B, Jazz, Cabaret, Soul, Funk and she even has rapped. I detest when people limit and box her as this weak singer. Janet is more than that. She’s an interpreter in music, she understands every little part of it. She knows how to use her voice and approaches many songs with patience and so much grace. Her harmonies are out of this world. She’s a musical genius! Example: [external link] …Who else but Janet? She’s the best of the bestThese are the two qualities that I feel make Janet very special and great.

  5. catarrhal says:

    She stands up and sings about what she believes in. Her voice is sweet and made for pop music. Also, she is always recreating herself.

  6. BLAIR says:

    It has to be the dancing and the music! She’s the best female dancer out there, and her music is 10 times better than her nearest competitors.

  7. those says:

    Uhhh, Talent.

  8. backbuf says:

    Like her brother, she is a perfectionist. The finished product has to be just right before she’ll introduce it to the public. She takes every aspect of her work (whether acting, singing or dancing) very seriously.