Write an essay in which you tell us about someone who has made an impact on your life and explain how and why this person is important to you.I was born in a small town, Murgap in Turkmenistan. I have big family. There are: my mom, dad, two sisters my brother and me. My parents are doctors. My dad is very serious person. So we couldn’t talk with him like with our mom or like our friend. We only asked him about important things or sometimes we asked to our mom to ask for us. When I was teenager I had good relationships with my friends, classmates and with teachers. After school when I came to home I saw my mom and my sister talking, laughing and drinking tea together, and I joined them, they used to ask how my day is passed, how was class… I talked with them and when I am stayed with my mom and she wanted to talk to me but I said "Mom, I am tired, and I need to do homework" and go away. I couldn’t talk to her. She felt sad about that and sometimes she cried. She thinks that I don’t love her but I do love and I feel sorry but I couldn’t say that. When I was at home I felt like I am lonely and wanted to far away. I only liked to talk with my sister Gozel; she is two years older than me. I was difficult person in my character like closed kind of person and I didn’t like talk with people about my problems, feelings or life even with my friends. But after graduation I wanted to enter to the university. So I needed two years of work experience. So I asked to my mom talk to my dad about it. After that she talked to dad and he found a job for me. I began to work in a private company and after one year happened some changes in my country and the president of country took away the law "two year of work experience". I felt like that’s my chance to enter the university which I wanted State University of Foreign Languages named by DOVLETMAMMET AZADY. Unfortunately it did not happen because I couldn’t pass the exams. If you need to enter the university in my country you have to have much money and good familiar people with the director of the university. But I tried to enter by myself again and again. Unfortunately no. on that time my mom was with me and she supported me, gave me hope. And then who were in same situation went to study in aboard. I really wanted to get high education and I asked to my mom talk with my dad about let me go to aboard to study. She talked to her and they decided let me go with my brother but he was on that time in the army. So I needed to wait for one year. While I waited to him two women came to us for engagement. They wanted to engage me with their son and they said their son living and working in America so he can help me to enter the university and get high education. After that I talked with him on the phone, by emailing, and finally we met and after one year we got married. And now I am here in America in land of more possibilities trying to enter the university. And now I am so thankful to my mom, she helped make an important decision in my life and she supported me everywhere and every time. And I am so sorry what I did to my mom in my teenage years. I love her so much and she is the most important person who made huge changes in my life.

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  1. paxillus says:

    I would leave out the part about being rejected from another university. Colleges want to hear about you being sucessful not rejected. Also look over your sentance structure for example”And now I am here in America in land of more possibilities trying to enter the university. ” this would sound better likeI am now here in America, the land of possibilities, ready to embrase the challange of a higher education.Also, always sound confident and don’t ask them to let you in, rather, tell them you are ready for the challange.