What do you think of same sex marriage?

I will be writing an essay about why same sex marriage should be legalized in many states but I'd like to add people's view points on the whole situation in my essay. If you support it or don't support, explain why you think that way. Be completely honest too.

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18 Responses to “What do you think of same sex marriage?”

  1. maggies says:

    Let people do whatever they want.

  2. paxillus says:

    It’s just not a big deal. So they get married and get benefits, nothing wrong with that.

  3. andrews says:

    i still get an uneasy feeling with it…since its fairly new to me….just need some time to adapt to the changing society.

  4. trollman says:

    I’m fine with it; I just kind of hate how “straight” people always have to kiss a**, though. I know there are homophobic people out there, but it’s another thing entirely when you demand the royal treatment just because you’re gay.

  5. bombes says:

    well considering I’m bisexual.Of course I am okay with itBut regardless of that fact, I think everyone should be able to be with and love whoever they want.

  6. polyadenia says:

    if it makes the couple happy then let them be happy

  7. firmisternal says:

    Im straight. I support gay marriage because I believe denying anyone the right to marry another person is discrimination.

  8. distasteful says:

    I think it should be legalized because what difference does it make to other couples if people marry the same sex? Exactly, none! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with gay marriage, love is intended for two people, not just man and woman, TWO people regardless of the gender. It’s none of anybody’s business what gay people do, so they should just cop on a realize that it’s the right thing to do. Everyone deserves equal rights, why should gay people be denied the right to marry the person they love? Ugh, the world is so messed up….

  9. dorene says:

    I think it should be legal.I think it will be one day because biracial marriage was once thought of as forbidden and now it’s fine. Same with women’s rights. Times will change

  10. blennometritis says:

    It’s a crime against nature.

  11. inaffability says:


  12. underpinning says:

    It is an abomination. Marriage is intended for one man and one woman

  13. zinkifying says:

    I don’ giv a sh*t bout who marryin’ who…….hell, i’d marry ma fried chick’n wangz if i culd!

  14. prestrud says:

    There is absolutely no reason the government should be able to tell two fully grown adults that they cannot sign a marriage contract. Let me reiterate: there is NO justification for denying me the right to marry another woman, and denying her the right to marry me. There’s also no reason why my legal contract with another woman shouldn’t be called “marriage”. If Christianity wants to claim the word marriage, then I say that any union between two people who aren’t Christians should be called a civil union, because their union has nothing to do with the Christian Church. The *only* reason same-sex marriage is prohibited in most of the US is a majority of the voting population disapproves of same-sex relationships. And those people feel that because they disapprove, they have the right to deny those couples equal legal standing. Well, tough. Most of America disapproved of inter-race unions once upon a time. Back then the government had no problem with very literally forcing the issue, and strong-arming the population into quietly seething acceptance of the fact that minorities do in fact have equal rights. I say the US government is obligated to do the same thing again today, and I think all politicians opposing equal rights for everyone should be deeply ashamed of themselves for allowing personal prejudice to get in the way of doing the right thing. I’m bisexual, and I maintain that it’s completely ridiculous that in most countries my legal status would be different depending on the gender of whomever I end up with.

  15. Capricornid says:

    I wouldnt have a same sex marriage but i think love is beautiful no matter who it is and you shouldnt deny someone their happiness!

  16. jesting says:

    Ok I am a lesbian (don’t judge me please)I agree with same sex marriage to an extent. I believe that if a religion doesn’t like same sex marriage, then the government shouldn’t impose on the religious views. I, myself am an atheist, but I believe if it’s not in a religious building, then I think that is acceptable in my opinion, but that’s just my general view; politics and religion should not mix and keep away from each other. It is probably better to have a civil partnership, because if you want to split up, it’s probably not as complicated as a marriage, however, I do wish to marry my girlfriend one day :) (we are both femme btw)

  17. gunnings says:

    I think it’s just as crappy as hetero marriage

  18. unline says:

    I honestly don’t give a **** what other people do, if it’s love go for it! To all the people trying to throw their religion in others’ faces; sit down, shut up and mind your own damn bee’swax.