What do you think of this theory about religion?

This is a theory I came up with for a short essay in my philosophy class. It is a rough draft so I am not looking for grammatical help, rather I wanted to get peoples opinions on the fallacies I listed.Here is the link: [external link] …

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2 Responses to “What do you think of this theory about religion?”

  1. uncleanable says:

    Religion is nothing more than a disease of the mind.

  2. mealtime says:

    this is hard, arguing for religion but i still see a decent arguing point,although i doubt any laymen would see.intro1. their beliefs has nothing to do with religion unless it createsusage of some supernatural eventand an organized religion doe not need a specific leaderor group of leaders. many chirches believe in tounges and canspeak to the congregation directly from god and the preacher must stop talking at this point.The Fallacy of Perfection1you could again argue the perfection of jesus as it says he was perfect in the ways of the earthhe was only less wiser than god in that he could not tell usthings only the father knew, such as the exact date of the end of the world.2.we dont know he didnt calculate all positions of al rockswhen he moved the one in your example.it is unlikley, but still possible in some variation of events and thought experiments.3.free will of christ is made moot as we can see that his conception actions and death were all in prophecy.he may have had free will, but still chose to follow the path laid before him. if he did not choose to die, his death would mean nothing.4If God = (perfect) infinite wisdom and Jesus < God, how is this possible?If (G=infinity) and (J=infinity) then J < G is a FALSE statement!you are not taking into account his resurection.5The Fallacy of Free Will1combated with the classic Christan dogma.yes all free will choices are decided alreadybut it is for us to make those choices.god knows what we will do, yes, but we have to do it to be prasied or punishe for it.if, before you were even borngod said you ae going to hell because in 20 years you will kill someone, you would be angry and proceed that say that youcould change and not kill them.The Fallacy of Intelligent Design1.can you prove that god didnt help make the wind blow?god could have used all that we know about scientifc lawsto create the planet as we see it now.2.The Fallacy of Judgmentgreat synopsis of all arguments sir.but..1.we already covered this in the falacy of free will.it is not for him to discover the actionsbut for us to do the actions.he cant destroy us without us doing the actionshe created us to be able to choose to love him or nothe is in possess of getting rid of the ones who don’t.2.why would god create evil.as you said before no event is caused without stimuli.all of our choices are decided by stimuli.thus we need evil to tell us to do bad things.your hypothetical involving the man at a gas stationif he were wise he would know that he dosent need eitherand if he loved god enough he would realize there is no bible in his carand use the money to buy one of the pocket bibles on a little rack on the counter.provided that god is a big enough stimuliexcelent peicea little reworkingand inclusion of(should you see them as decent)these argumentsand countering and you have a nice bullet in your gun.