Anyone know good websites about how the Egyptians made Pyramids?

I have to write an essay about this and i need some sources. Please help!

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10 Responses to “Anyone know good websites about how the Egyptians made Pyramids?”

  1. noiler says:

    [external link] …this article lists 11 external links (including a video documentary on how the pyramids might have been built)

  2. frankenstein says:

    [external link]

  3. localizations says:

    Good luck, but that is why the pyramids are known as one of the seven wonders of the world. I think i remember in school something about that they made a path up the sides of the pyramids and drug each block up one by one, i forget anymore. search “Egyptian Pyramids” on, and go to the wikipedia and maybe you can find some links off of that…good luck!

  4. gantries says:

    It’s a little known secret, but they really just propped up plywood and poured resin into the mold. It was quicker that way, but looks really amazing and mind-bogglingly tough to build. Wink.

  5. bedplate says: is good for traveling to egypt

  6. storylines says:

    wikipedia is GREAT for almost everythingThis is a good website: [external link] for EGYPTIAN Pyramids this is a good one: [external link] …good luck (:

  7. topview says:

    For web sites try Wikipedia, Howto and About. But also try an old encyclopedia like Book of Knowledge, Americana or Funk and Wagnals.

  8. Rivinian says:

    ….no one on earth knows for sure how they were made…there are many theories though…check this link out of a man who claims to have known the secret [external link] …

  9. MAdison says:

    [external link]

  10. voetter says:

    I think that the B.B.C. web site on Egyptology(,just do a Google) will give you about all you will need.Lots of very detailed and correct information.There is even an interactive game where you can see if you know enough to build a pyramid! (Just for a bit of research relief)The other that stands out is Tour Egypt. It is the official Egyptian Government tourism web site and has some great articles on Egypt.Written by Egyptologists and experienced Egyptophiles.The articles include all aspects of the pyramids,their use, how they were built and why. All you will need to know.A visit to The Plateau the web site of Dr Zahi Hawass is always very informative.From these you will get enough info the be able to contend with an essay up to a very high level of knowledge on the pyramids in Egypt.I personally never recommend wikipedia for this type of thing. It is informative, but has quite a few questionable theories presented as fact.