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Hero Unit Essay_____________If someone were going on vacation to Disneyland, when would that person say that his vacation started? Does it begin when they are packing their bags or when they get it the car to leave, or when they arrive at Disneyland? Considering that, how is a hero going on a journey different? Does the hero’s adventure start when he is getting ready or after he finally realizes that he is in a place nowhere like home? Even though someone may wonder when the hero’s journey begins, there are other things that happen in a heroic journey such as the ordinary world, a call to adventure, a mentor, crossing the first threshold, supreme ordeal and ending with the hero returning to the ordinary world with his ‘elixir’. One of the stages, crossing the first threshold, is evident in three forms of media: the book, The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkien, the poem, The Odyssey, by Homer, and the movie, The Labyrinth, produced by Jim Henson. ___________In The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkien, Bilbo crosses the first threshold when he tries to steal the trolls’ money. When Bilbo discovers the trolls, he tries to steal their money and do something exciting. It is the first time that Bilbo can realize that he is on a journey and not still in his ordinary little hobbit hole. When Bilbo tries to steal the trolls money it is crossing the first threshold because he does something that he could not have done if he was still in bag end. If Bilbo stayed in Bag End then he would not have ever gotten near the trolls and have the experience. It is also the first time that Bilbo realizes that he can die. He realizes that the trolls are going to eat him and use his cleverness to escape and free the dwarves. Another reason why this event is Bilbo crossing the first threshold is that even though he was out in the cold rain it was not registering to him completely that he was out and about. He finally realizes the dangers of going on the journey and the enemies he would face.___________In The Odyssey by Homer, the part of the poem that Odysseus is crossing the first threshold is when he arrives at the island of Cicones. The Island of Cicones is the first island that Odysseus lands on and his men raid and plunder it. One reason that Cicones is when Odysseus crosses the first threshold here is because it is the first incident that Odysseus has since the end of the Trojan War in the Iliad. Odysseus landing on Cicones shows that his troubles are not over and that he still has to get home without dying. Another explanation why it is crossing the first threshold is that his men do not listen to him. In the poem, there are several instances in which his men disobey him and end up dead. A final reason is that he shows leadership. The leadership he showed was harsh but forcing the men onto the boat, but it was for everyone’s good.

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  1. lyndy says:

    It’s a good paper, i understand how you are trying to get your point across in the first paragraph, but it begins to get a little repetitive when you ask that many questions. try to find another ways of trying to get the reader to think about when a journey begins other than just asking the second paragraph, you summarize the plot too much,. you know the person who is grading your paper has read the book they don’t need to hear it again, get to your point sooner. the third paragraph is similar to the second where you shouldn’t have to give the summary of the book you read. as for the conclusion, where is it, and why did you mention labyrinth if you didn’t go into detail about it?here’s something i always keep in mind when i write papers:introduction: tell them what you’re gonna tell thembody: tell themconclusion: tell them what you told themi know it seems like im being critical, but i was an ap/honors student my entire life, so i know what it takes to write a paperi hope what i said helps!

  2. revis says:

    its way longer than mine would have been but im an c+ student so