Computer help, please?

Hey, just a quick question. I was using my father's work computer to type an essay. I somehow ended up turning on stickykeys or togglekeys or something. But, none of the keys are responding. I set that computer down, and have been on google trying to figure out how to turn it off. I got some idea of how to do it, but now, the computer is locked. It says that I need a password to do anything. I know the password, but with the keys being unresponsive, I can't enter it in.Any ideas?It's a dell, bytheway.

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  1. unhesitating says:

    Ok….so if it was sticky keys or togglekeys you would have no reason to think your keyboard is unresponsive. That makes me think you accidentally started filterkeys. Filter keys makes it so that you have to hold down each key for 5 seconds before it works. To disable it go to your control panel, then accessibility options and uncheck whatever is checked, whether it be sticky filter or toggle keys.