Could I get into UNC-Chapel Hill?

I'm a junior in hs. My cumulative weighted gpa is 3.89, and this year my gpa is 4.2. My SAT score is 1340. For the application essays I can write about how I have perservered through ten eye surgeries and being blinded in my right eye to swim for 10 years competively. I have had success in swimming such as a relay state record, and 2 state championships so far. I live in North Carolina. What are my odds?

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3 Responses to “Could I get into UNC-Chapel Hill?”

  1. fashionable says:

    see [external link]

  2. abides says:

    You might be able to get in because your disabled.To be honest, you aren’t smart enough.Your SAT score is seriously one of the lowest I have even ever heard of anyone getting. The normal for UNC is about 2000. Your score is below the average for the normal person and WAY WAY WAY below average for the normal UNC attendee. Also, your GPA is extremely low. 3.89 is not a good GPA.

  3. Gokuraku says:

    If your SAT score is with only reading and math, then you’re good….otherwise, you may wanna work on it; i recommend huntington prep. I think the fact that you’re instate, have a good gpa, and have overcome a disability is to your favor. However, to be on the safe side, maybe you should work on more extracurricular activities, and leadership positions.