Just found out I have a History essay due tomorrow… anyone have information about Thomas Beckets death?

The essay is about to what extent Becket was responsible for his own death, so anything relating to that would be great... I'm not looking for anyone to write the essay for me or anything, but I missed last lesson and therefore a large bulk of the information that was supposed to be in the essay!

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4 Responses to “Just found out I have a History essay due tomorrow… anyone have information about Thomas Beckets death?”

  1. dactylogram says:

    This is what Google was made for surely?

  2. ulisnet says:

    Thomas Becket was assassinated by Hugh de Morville, William de Tracy, Reginald Fitz-Urse and Richard le Breton, in his cathedral at Canterbury, December 29, 1170.This was revenge for his refusal to absolve bishops who had turned against the papacy .More details in my source, which can be found in libraries.

  3. verhotz says:

    he was ordained archbishop of canterbury in 1162 at henrys insistance (he had perviously been chancellor) – he was ordained a preist one day and the next he was made archbishop of canterbury. the big argument in the early 1160′s was over the Constitutions of Clarendon but the argument in 1170 was a clash of personalites.

  4. tickled says:

    he was killed in a cathdral i think, and was buried on the spot he died. he was beheaded and it took the soldiers like, 4 hits to get his head cut, thats what i remember from 3 years ago