What do “prejudice to blacks”,”the way socitey treats a black man” and “slavery” have in common for a thesis?

i have to come up with a thesis for my essay due tomorrow about the poor racial relations depicted in "the adventures of huckleberry finn", and "prejudice to african americans", "the way people treat Jim"(he is the black man that gets treated poorly) and "slavery" are my subtopics. i cannot think of what these three things have in common for a general thesis. please help!

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4 Responses to “What do “prejudice to blacks”,”the way socitey treats a black man” and “slavery” have in common for a thesis?”

  1. bi-shiou says:

    It should be obvious. Society treats Black men like second-class citizens as a result of prejudice against the Black race and culture. Slavery was a result of prejudice against the Black race and culture. The Black race was long ago deemed inferior in America. Thus, Whites- who were prejudice against Blacks- treated Blacks horribly. When one group of people regard another group of people as inferior, they tend to e prejudice against that group and treat the “inferior” group disrespectfully, exploiting their culture, traditions and labor for personal gain.

  2. hogbacks says:

    I would agree with Whyte, but I think that she’s giving them too much credit.

  3. cordess says:

    Jim is a slave in a society that is prejudice to African Americans. Sorry is this didnt help, but that was just of the top of my head.