I need help writing an essay on the Amanda Knox trial. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated?

You can find all the facts in the court report, but I must warn you: it is a long read!The court report can be found here: [external link] I can advise you: don't read the tabloid because they have spread a lot of things that were simply a lie. For example: there were NO bloody footprints made by Amanda Knox. They found her footprints with luminol, but since luminol also reacts with other substances, they did a test with tetramethylbenzidine to confirm that the prints were made in blood. The test came back negative, so all they found was Amanda's footrpints in her own house.There are a lot of other facts spread by the tabloids that are not true, so it is best to stick to official sources!

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  1. redbrush says:

    Well, you could include the theory that anyone guilty or not, acquitted of a crime should show some respect for the family of the poor girl who died a horrible death and not allow herself to be treated as a celebrity, or to make money from it. As for anything else, then you have a thing called google… what else could we possibly provide?

  2. tarsophalangeal says:

    A bisexual drug-freak had come into possession of a large sum of money stolen from a housemate. She spent the previous night and morning toking with one of her boyfriends, then went out around town trying to score some crack. Made one or two phone calls. Checked out the club, which was shut. Maybe got lucky… Teamed up with another boyfriend who happened to be a local drug dealer and was practising chucking a ball through a net as she walked through the town, and set off to her house of fun to wait for the others and get halloween moving in a very special way…

  3. trilophodont says:

    The evidence showed that Rudy Guede murdered Meredith.Prosecutor Mignini believed that Amanda and her boss were involved with a satanic cult, and Meredith was a human sacrifice. Meredith was already dead when she was brought home, then Rudy stabbed her so she would bleed all over the floor, this way the cops would not think it was a human sacrifice.If you study the case carefully,it appears that Mignini and the cops knew that Amanda would be their suspect and they kept trying to find evidence that she did it, they couldn’t so they kept interrorgating her and slapped her around until they got her to sign a statement they typed, saying that she was there when Meredith was killed.Believing that Amanda was part of the cult, the cops believed that they had to do whatever was nessasary to keep her behind bars.