Could I get into UNC-Chapel Hill?

I’m a junior in hs. My cumulative weighted gpa is 3.89, and this year my gpa is 4.2. My SAT score is 1340. For the application essays I can write about how I have perservered through ten eye surgeries and being blinded in my right eye to swim for 10 years competively. I have had success in swimming such as a relay state record, and 2 state championships so far. I live in North Carolina. What are my odds?

Christmas Carol help?

Does anyone know if there is such thing as a no fear shakespeare kind of thing for christmas carol? Or is there anywhere i can go to get a full summary and analysis of the book because i need to write an essay on it and i do not understand any of it… thanks

Can someone offer me a critique on my essay?

Its an analysis of a film. Its about 1400 words long. I will send it via an email attachment or yahoo’s messaging system but I won’t post it here. I am not asking you to make edits or to spellcheck but rather to read it and give me an overall idea on what I need to improve. I will reward whoever does it with ten points. No need for any editting, but that would be nice.

Are we to independent on technology?

hi i am doing an essay and i was wondering are we to independent on technology for my essay topics we had choices by the way th other two were boring.

What do “prejudice to blacks”,”the way socitey treats a black man” and “slavery” have in common for a thesis?

i have to come up with a thesis for my essay due tomorrow about the poor racial relations depicted in “the adventures of huckleberry finn”, and “prejudice to african americans”, “the way people treat Jim”(he is the black man that gets treated poorly) and “slavery” are my subtopics. i cannot think of what these three things have in common for a general thesis. please help!

Bad effects of coffee?But i need source to write essay?

Coffee will make a good essay because you can show the difference between Caf and non Caf Coffee, You can also explain the difference in the Vanilla Bean vs. Capacino.

Just found out I have a History essay due tomorrow… anyone have information about Thomas Beckets death?

The essay is about to what extent Becket was responsible for his own death, so anything relating to that would be great… I’m not looking for anyone to write the essay for me or anything, but I missed last lesson and therefore a large bulk of the information that was supposed to be in the essay!

Grammar on Microsoft Word?

I have a summer reading essay on Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe and Microsoft word is saying that the following sentences are fragments. Do you agree or is it just Microsoft being Microsoft? It says the second and third sentences are fragments.”In “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe, one character distinctly stands out. A character that makes bold decisions; a character that might not even exist. That character is the Oracle of the Hills and Caves; Agbala. “

Help me get back with my ex?

ok be prepared for an essay people….basically myself and my girlfriend ave been together for 9 months an our relationship was beautiful, ok we had ups and downs like any normal person but all in all the relationship was great…im her first proper boyfriend as before me she was treated badly an the relationship usually only lasted a week an was more of a fasion accessory then it was love…..well i never got along with her family very well as they are extremely possesive, plus with me being a londener and them being scousers i was always going to get the rough end of the stick!….. so yhh i met this girl on a lads weekend in liverpool and carried on meeting her an eventually moved to wales to be with her (where she currently lives)…it was almost lyk a fairy tale, we spoke bout avin kids and gettin a house and everything was just so beautiful! then the s**t hit the fan….she had a big fight with her mum one day (her mum is a horrible horrible woman) an naturally left her house and came to my flat 10 minutes away…. well before you kno it i ave her nan and mum ringing my phone threatenin me that if i dont send her home im gna get beaten up etc…now bare in mind my girlfriend is 19 years of age an im 20….. anyway to avoid the aggro i sent her home cos i said its for the best….so she went home an before u know it, her fones been taken off her an shes been grounded (grounded at 19…mental right), but my girlfriend just laid back an took it because they have mentally exhausted her so bad….so i done the smart thing an went to her college in the day to see her for half hour, for a week i travelled there an we talked bout how much we missed eachother and kissed etc etc an she spent the whole time tellin everybody in her class wot a lovly boyfriend she has an how much she missed me…… until the weekend when i tried callin her nans house phone an she hung up on me and said dont ring my nan will go mad…. fair enough!two days later i walk into college on our 9 month anniversary with a teddybear an chocolates etc really pleased to see her an she said….im sorry i cant do this, my nan an mum have told me im never allowed out again until i finish with u an they wont buy me a car or give me any money to get new clothes an im not allowed to go and find a job until i leave u cos they think i will spend it on u……. of course i cried an so did she but then she ran indoors an i was left this is where it got real bad!….my ex hacked my email the same night an facebook an started uploadin crude pics of women and writing messages to make me look like a cheat (shes always been jealous of us), an as you can imagine my girlfriend rang me going crazy, for a whole week she didnt speak to me except turning up at my flat crying an drunk punchin me…. after a week i printscreened a convo between my ex and myself where my ex admitted she enjoyed makin it all up, so i emailed this to my girlfriend an she was really apologetic an said come back to wales (at this point id gone bak to london cos she told me she wanted me too)… of course i was over the moon an started arranging my return until later that day after she had been with her friends she changed her mind an said i dont want u back here im sorry, i dont wna be with u the trust has gone…. now its been a week an ive not heard from her….now i kno inside she wants us back an she just feels trapped between family and her friends who do nothing but stir and stir….also its clearly obvious she would rather throw me away then admit to hundreds of people she was wrong about me (she got very vocal about me on facebook) an ive since found out se hasnt even told anybody that i proved my innocence in regards to the email thing.its disgusting isnt it to treat somebody like this but i really want her back cos i know this is other people that have caused this…..please somebody anybody help me out with some advice etc….an i dont wanna hear ‘move on move on’, i would move on if it was a normal breakup, but im not moving on when we should be togeter an we are being prevented by other me i feel so low :( i want her back so bad shes my soulmate.

Can someone grade this soon ?

Hero Unit Essay_____________If someone were going on vacation to Disneyland, when would that person say that his vacation started? Does it begin when they are packing their bags or when they get it the car to leave, or when they arrive at Disneyland? Considering that, how is a hero going on a journey different? Does the hero’s adventure start when he is getting ready or after he finally realizes that he is in a place nowhere like home? Even though someone may wonder when the hero’s journey begins, there are other things that happen in a heroic journey such as the ordinary world, a call to adventure, a mentor, crossing the first threshold, supreme ordeal and ending with the hero returning to the ordinary world with his ‘elixir’. One of the stages, crossing the first threshold, is evident in three forms of media: the book, The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkien, the poem, The Odyssey, by Homer, and the movie, The Labyrinth, produced by Jim Henson. ___________In The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkien, Bilbo crosses the first threshold when he tries to steal the trolls’ money. When Bilbo discovers the trolls, he tries to steal their money and do something exciting. It is the first time that Bilbo can realize that he is on a journey and not still in his ordinary little hobbit hole. When Bilbo tries to steal the trolls money it is crossing the first threshold because he does something that he could not have done if he was still in bag end. If Bilbo stayed in Bag End then he would not have ever gotten near the trolls and have the experience. It is also the first time that Bilbo realizes that he can die. He realizes that the trolls are going to eat him and use his cleverness to escape and free the dwarves. Another reason why this event is Bilbo crossing the first threshold is that even though he was out in the cold rain it was not registering to him completely that he was out and about. He finally realizes the dangers of going on the journey and the enemies he would face.___________In The Odyssey by Homer, the part of the poem that Odysseus is crossing the first threshold is when he arrives at the island of Cicones. The Island of Cicones is the first island that Odysseus lands on and his men raid and plunder it. One reason that Cicones is when Odysseus crosses the first threshold here is because it is the first incident that Odysseus has since the end of the Trojan War in the Iliad. Odysseus landing on Cicones shows that his troubles are not over and that he still has to get home without dying. Another explanation why it is crossing the first threshold is that his men do not listen to him. In the poem, there are several instances in which his men disobey him and end up dead. A final reason is that he shows leadership. The leadership he showed was harsh but forcing the men onto the boat, but it was for everyone’s good.